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10 Reasons Why You Should Know Your Body Odor

Body odor is one of the problems that everyone must ever experience. However, it is important to know that sweat is essentially odorless. Body odor arises if there are bacteria that live and break down certain proteins in sweat into acids.

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In addition to bacteria, what things can be the cause of body odor? See the explanation below.

Body Odor Causes

As the previous explanation, the cause of body odor is the bacteria that break down proteins from sweat and this condition is largely related to the apokrin gland. These glands are found in the breasts, genital area, eyelids, underarms, and ears.

The Apokrin gland is responsible for body odor because the resulting sweat contains high in protein.Here are some other body odor causes that you must know, including:

1. Obesity

Cause of armpit odor or body odor the first is obesity. Skin folds in obese people can make sweat and bacteria restrained, making it a comfortable ' home ' for bacteria to break down proteins and elicit body odor.

2. Spicy Food Consumption

Although spicy foods are not the cause of body odor, but the strong aroma of food can permeating through the skin, thereby making the body smell more pungent.

3. Stress Relief

Stress causes the apocrin glands to work extra. This is the gland that is causing a sweat odor. So if you experience body odor after a long and tiring activity, you don't have to be confused, because the body reacts to increased stress.

4. Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis is a condition in which a person sweats excessively without being influenced by hot or sports temperatures. This condition can be a cause of body odor.

5. Metabolic Disorders

A study found that causes of armpit odor or body odor could be caused by rare genetic disorders that alter the body's metabolic system or are known by as Trimethylaminuria (fish odor syndrome).

Trimethylaminuria is a metabolic disorder that causes an abnormality of enzyme production that serves to convert trimethylamine into Trimethylamine Oxida. 

This condition makes trimethylamine to be increased and excreted through sweat with a fish-like aroma.

6. Consumption Of Certain Drugs

Some painkillers such as analgesics, SSRI antidepressants, hormonal drugs, and medications for the heart can cause side effects such as excessive sweating. Therefore, if you are taking one of these medications, an increase in body odor can occur.

7. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal shifts are the main cause of increased perspiration. A woman experiencing hormonal fluctuations can undergo a change in body odor. For example, when estrogen levels drop during menopause, the body often mistakenly considers this to be a sign that it is an increase in heat temperature.

Other common symptoms of hormonal fluctuations such as hot flashes and night sweats, can also cause body odor.

8. Diabetes

Diabetic patients often experience additional medical complications, including sudden changes in body odor. Urinary tract infections and high blood glucose levels can increase body odor and bad breath.

Furthermore, diabetic ketoacidosis is a life-threatening condition when the body does not have enough insulin and the cells can not obtain the sugar needed for energy. One of the symptoms is a flavorful breath.

9. Thyroid Disorders

When you have an overactive thyroid, it will cause the body to excrete a lot of sweat — even if you don't do a lot of activity. This condition can be the cause of excessive armpit odor.

10. Kidney and Liver Dysfunction

The last cause of body odor can be caused by impaired kidney and liver. The kidneys and liver help the body eliminate toxins. When these two organs do not function properly, toxins can accumulate in the blood and the gastrointestinal tract, thereby creating a body odor.

How To Eliminate Body Odor

Here are a few ways to get rid of body odor, including:

1. Regular Bathing

Although the benchmark on the number of times should be bathing in a day does not exist, but it would be better if you bathe at least once a day. 

Ensure that the sweat prone area often causes body odor to be rubbed thoroughly. Use a soap that includes antibacterial labels. This type of soap can help control the body odor-causing bacteria. If the weather is hot, consider bathing more often than once a day.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods

Curry, garlic, and other spicy foods have the potential to make excessive sweating. In addition to spicy foods, a diet high in red meat can also increase the risk of developing a faster body odor.

3. Use Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Deodorant serves to dispel the body odor that arises. Meanwhile, antiperspirants can reduce the sweat that comes out of the body. Both products are needed for a person who produces excessive sweating.

4. Use The Right Outfit

Choose clothes with ingredients that do not make the body fast, because this can have an impact to minimize body odor. Choose a clothing ingredient that allows skin to breathe and produce good sweat evaporation.

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