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5 Tips To Consume Diabetes Sweet Food

Diabetics should maintain their diet to prevent harmful blood sugar levels. This makes them usually choose not to consume food and sweet drinks. In fact, sometimes they want to just taste sweet foods. 

Especially if there are at certain occasions. Actually, is there no way they could do so to still be able to consume sweet food? Somethings to be aware of diabetics if you want to eat sweet food.

The body of diabetics is no longer able to control blood sugar levels normally. This means that if they are indiscriminately consuming sweet foods and drinks, it will cause a surge in blood sugar levels. If this is the case, they will be more susceptible to complications.

Here are some tips that people with diabetes can pay attention to if they want to consume food and sweet drinks.

1. Limit The Portion and Frequency

In fact, some diabetics can still eat sweet foods. It's just that, doesn't mean they can still consume it every day. For example, they can't eat cookies or cakes every day. Consume occasionally when there are special moments such as birthday or weekend events.

In addition, diabetics also have to consume sweet foods with small portions. For example, if you want to eat cake, it will be much better if you eat only one piece or half a piece.

If necessary they can consult a doctor if you want to eat certain foods in order to ensure proper portions.

2. Check Other Food Consumption

If diabetics want to eat sweet foods, they should also pay attention to other foods. For example, if previously they consumed high calorie foods such as rice with large portions, then eating a little sweet food would already make blood sugar levels significantly increased.

If you want to consume sweet food or high calorie food, balance by lowering the intake of other high calorie foods. In addition, in order to feel full for a long time, it is recommended that they consume high fiber foods such as vegetables, wheat, and nuts, or protein sources such as fish meat.

3. Choose a Healthy Snack

If people with diabetes are a hobby of ngemil, it is good to choose a healthy snack instead of a snack that can cause blood sugar levels to rise like biscuits, cakes, ice cream, martabak manis, Chips, and others. Choose a healthy snack like nuts. In addition, they can also consume high soybean fiber content and protein that can help the full stomach for a long time.

4. Pay Attention To Daily Carbohydrate Intake

Diabetics are usually asked to lower the intake portion of high carbohydrate foods such as white rice, white bread, potatoes, corn, to food from pasta and wheat. This is done in order to keep the calorie intake so that it is not excessive so that blood sugar levels can be controlled better.

If you want to be satiated while consuming a small amount of carbohydrate food, diabetics are more advised to increase the intake of healthy fiber and protein.

5. Always Check Packaged Food Labels

If we want to consume certain foods or snacks, be sure to check the packaging label in order to know how much calories or sugar is contained in it. Also check the Karbohidratnya level in order to be a benchmark as to how much we can consume it in order to keep blood sugar levels balanced.

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