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8 Tips To Keep Your Body Smelly Fresh and Fragrant At All Times

The body odor problem is often dismiscied by many people. They always assume provided that the body odor will improve by itself. In fact, everyone has different physical conditions. 

There is a very easy sweating so that body odor often arises at all times. So what can be done to keep the body fresh and fragrant at all times?

Cause Of The Body To Smell

There are several reasons why a person's body becomes more smelly than another. Here are some of the most common reasons.

1. Different Bathing Habits

There was a daily bath twice even more and there was just a one-time shower. Bathing is one way of eliminating odor even though it does not last long.

2. Clothes Worn

Some people routinely change the clothes that are known a day twice especially the underwear part. The most underwear absorbs sweat and is exposed to dirt. The probability of that part leads to great smell.

3. Overall Body Condition

Those who are obese usually tend to have a more intense body scent and smell compared to those whose bodies are more ideal.

4. Habit Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Those who do not consume alcohol and smoke smell more awake.What is eaten. If what is eaten only fruits and vegetables and rarely something that is fatty and smelling unpleasant, the sweat that comes out also does not smell.

Skin condition and channel of excretion, there are some people who have tended to have a body smelling unpleasant when sweating compared to others.

Tips To Keep Body Odor Fresh and Fragrant

If you tend to have a very intense body odor, it's good to do a few things below well. If you can do it, undoubtedly a body odor can be prevented.

1. Using Deodorizer Properly

Use deodorizer like perfume properly. Some people usually use perfume by sprayers into the body and then using clothes. If doing this it is likely that the perfume disappears quickly. Except to use a concentrated perfume and hold 8 hours more.

Some experts advise to use the perfume type roll on. Using this, the perfume will be in the body part that is easy to sweat and produce an unpleasant aroma. If the attack is on target, unpleasant odor will be difficult to emerge.

2.  Using Moisturizers With Certain Aromas

Use moisturizers in your hands or feet. Nowadays there are a lot of moisturizers that have double function. In addition to keeping the skin from being dry and damaged, moisturizers can also eliminate unpleasant aromas. Use moisturizers if it is necessary as will meeting or meeting many people.

3. Bathing Properly

Every day we may bathe and cleanse ourselves. However, does the bath that we are doing is correct? Are we already bathing and cleaning the right parts so that the body odor does not appear?

The body parts that should be cleaned are around the armpits, genitals, cleavage, and hair. If you just have a bath from the body to get wet, it will be very difficult to keep the body from smell that is not tasty.

4. Using Deodorant

Use deodorant according to your needs. Deodorants will suppress the excessive sweating that appears and cause odor. From different types of deodorant, use directly applied to the skin, not that in the form of spray.

5. Make Hair More Fragrant

Unpleasant body scent does not appear from the skin and the area around the armpits alone. The unclean hair can also bring up the scent. If you feel you have a problem with the scent in the hair, as much as possible to shampoo regularly. Next, clean the scalp if you are very easy to sweat.

Be very two days to keep the scent of the head. Don't shampoo every day because it can make your hair moist and so it's easy to get infected. In addition you are also easy colds.

6. Preserves The Scent Of Mouth

Mouth Aroma should also be considered well. If you cannot maintain the health of your mouth and infection, an unpleasant aroma will appear. Perform a toothbrush regularly. Then use a dental floss and also a brushing of the tongue so that the aroma is not savory can be eliminated.

7. Using Alum

Tawas is a rock that has the ability to neutralize unpleasant aromas and prevent the scent from appearing. Those who have excessive sweating are helped by the presence of alum. These rocks are widely available in the market in the form of small soaps and some are in the form of powders that can be sown around the armpits.

8. Routinely Change Underwear

The last thing to do if you want to have a body that is not too smelly is replacing the underwear with a routine. Some people may not sweat easily. However, some only work while sitting easy to sweat and smell bad.

If you are a sweaty type, while working make sure to bring clothes in addition. If in the daytime such as after eating you sweat and aroma body start is not tasty, change the underwear immediately. If you have a long time can take a bath in the office to make the body fresher.

Here are some tips that you should do if you want to prevent the body from becoming young once smelly. By doing some of the tips above, the body odor will remain fresh and you do not feel disturbed. 

If you only work at home alone may not be a problem. However, if you have to meet many people, the body odor will be a big problem.

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