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5 Benefits of Echinacea Interest for Body Health

There are some flowers that can be beneficial to health, one of which is Echinacea flower. What are the benefits of achinacea interest you know?

Echinacea is a much-growing flower in Europe and North America. Echinacea is shaped like an angry hedgehog's thorn. In America, this flower is used for one of the popular herbal remedies. What are the benefits of this flower?

1. Maintain immune system
Echinacea has a content that can boost the immune system. This flower is able to prevent flu attacks, as well as provide rapid healing if the flu is attacked.

For those of you who are taking the immune system suppressor should avoid consuming echinacea. It can give a bad side effect to the body.
In addition to adults, providing echinacea flower extracts in children and infants can maintain health to avoid illness. However, it should be consulted to the doctor for the administration of echinacea extracts in infants. In addition, Echinacea is also good for preventing vaginal bacterial infections, one of which is vaginal discharge.

2. Pain reliever
Echinacea flowers can also be used for pain relievers, including abdominal pain, headache, sore throat, and toothache. Use echinacea which has been dried by brewed as a tea. In addition, you can also mix it on the menu of dishes such as pasta sauce.

3. Solve Acne problems
Many beauty products use these echinacea quintessence for acne removal products. This is because the content in this flower is able to cope with bacteria on acne.

4. Preventing Premature Aging
Tannins in the flower of Achinacea are able to prevent premature aging. The extracts on this flower can refresh the skin and make the face look younger. Wrinkles and aging signs can also be resolved if you use it regularly.

5. Controlling Blood sugar levels
Echinacea is great for addressing diabetes. This flower is able to control blood sugar in the body. Not only for diabetics, Echinacea is also able to maintain low blood sugar.

Echinacea flower extracts can be processed in two ways, namely dry and liquid. The dried powder extract can be consumed at a dose of 300-500 mg and can be eaten 3 times daily. While liquid extracts can be consumed 2.5 ml can be drunk 3 times a day. In addition it is widely circulated in the market of supplements or drugs containing echinea extract.

With these 5 benefits of echinacea interest you can try as your herbalism choices. But you have to discuss it first with the doctor Yes.

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