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6 Tips to Lower The Drastic Rising Blood Tressure

One of the health problems most often experienced by Indonesian people is high blood pressure or hypertension. The trigger is very much, can be an unhealthy diet, stress, sleep deprivation, or the consequences of smoking habit.

The problem is that if the blood pressure rises drastically, the risk of getting dangerous complications such as stroke or heart attack will increase.

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Tips on lowering blood pressure to rise drastically rapidly
Given the impact of blood pressure spikes can be very dangerous, we recommend that we immediately do various things to help lower the blood pressure back.

Here are some things we can do to lower blood pressure.

1. Eating Bananas
One of the most popular fruits for those who are undergoing this diet program is highly recommended for those who suffer from hypertension. This is due to high amounts of potassium in it.

As information, health experts advise us to increase consumption of foods with high potassium content such as bananas if they want to immediately lower blood pressure. In addition, we can also increase the intake of food with potassium content that can also provide the same health benefits as melon, tomato, potato, nuts, and oranges.

Patients with hypertension are advised to consume potassium derived from vegetables or fruits with a total of about 2,000-4,000 mg per day to control their blood pressure.

2. Performing Breathing Exercises
If the hypertension that occurs more often related to stress due to work or other factors, health experts advise us to do breathing exercises in order to lower levels of stress hormones in the body. As information, the existence of this hormone can make blood vessels narrowed that eventually affect the increase in blood pressure.

In addition to breathing exercises, doing yoga and meditation is also highly recommended because it is quite potent in overcoming stress.

3. Walk
Unexpected, walking can also help lower your blood pressure, especially if we do it in a garden or other green place because it can help to make the mind more relax and lower the stress.

The fast road for 30 minutes also can effectively lower blood pressure up to 8mm/Hg. Only, health experts advise us not to force ourselves to do so.

4. Listen to Music
Listening to soothing music turns out to give a meditation-like effect of effectively lowering stress hormone levels. This will certainly affect the decrease in blood pressure.

As information, research proves that people with hypertension who want to listen to music for one week have been able to lower their sistoor blood pressure up to 3.2 mm/Hg. This is certainly a great impact for the health of the heart and blood vessels.

5. Eating Dark Chocolate
Unthought, this sweet and delicious black chocolate can help to lower blood pressure, you know. In addition to its taste that can help lower the stress, dark chocolate high antioxidant content of a flavanol that has been able to increase the flexibility of blood vessels and make blood pressure decreases significantly.

Based on a study, produced the fact that the sufferer who routinely eat black chocolate every day is able to lower blood pressure up to 18 percent.

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6. Lowering Salt Intake
Salt is the main enemy for people with hypertension. By lowering the salt intake, the sodium level in the body decreases so that the blood vessels will become wider so that the blood pressure will decrease.

Be sure to seek advice to the doctor to determine the appropriate salt consumption limit according to the health condition of each patient with hypertension.

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