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10 Frequent Causes of Canker Sores (No. 6 Rarely Realized)

Although often considered a trivial mouth disease, in some cases, canker sores is an oral mucosal disorder that can affect overall body health. In addition to sore, mouth sores in the wall of the oral, tongue, or lips will make a sense of discomfort due to disturbing daily activities such as eating and drinking. Here are the frequent causes of thrush that you should recognize.

Recognizing the various causes of canker sores
Before explaining what a frequent cause of canker sores is, the important thing you need to know is that thrush can occur due to several different causes. Although both suffer from canker sores, it is not necessarily the common cause of canker sores.

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Here are the things that make you easily get hit by the thrush, including:

1. Mushroom Growth
The excessive growth of Candida albicana fungus in the mouth can be a frequent cause of canker sores. Usually, this mushroom will form a white layer in the form of spots.

Candida Albicana mushrooms can thrive when the body's endurance is weakened. Please note, basically this mushroom is in the mouth but with a small amount, when the number of these mushrooms increase then that is what causes canker sores.

In addition to the weakened immune system, this fungus can flourish in those who do not maintain the cleanliness of the mouth well.

2. Mouth Sores
The next frequent cause of thrush is the wound in the mouth. One example is the wound when chewing food or the use of less good dentures.

In addition to the example above, there are many causes of this wound such as accidental lips, brushing too hard teeth, inappropriate mouthwash, until oral hygiene is not maintained.

3. Decrease In immune System
Essentially, the immune system is influenced by a variety of minerals, one of which is iron. When a person has an iron deficiency, the body's ability to produce white blood cells will decrease while fighting the infection. If the immune system decreases, then thrush will also tend to be easier to come.

4. Consuming Sour Fruit
The consumption of fruit that tends to sour like oranges, pineapple, and lemon does not directly trigger canker sores. The common cause of canker sores can occur when the fruit you consume presses the tissues of the injured mouth. This condition can cause pain that triggers the feeling of burning in the mouth.

In addition to the sour fruit, other intake that can irritate the mouth is a drink or hot food and spicy food. Some people may experience an irritating reaction to the tongue surface when consuming certain foods.

5. Drug Side Effects and Treatment Methods
In addition to food, the subsequent causes of canker sores are the effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, antibiotics, the drug nicorandil, beta inhibitory, and nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

 If you are undergoing chemotherapy and regular antibiotic consumption then the emergence of canker sores is the main factor that causes it.

6. Intake Of Less Vitamins and Minerals
Many people consider that the sprue appears due to lack of vitamin C intake. In fact, canker sores can appear when you are deficient in vitamin B12 and iron.

Vitamin B12 itself can be found in various types of fish, meat, clams, eggs, and dairy products. While for the source of the iron can be obtained from the liver, nuts, spinach, tofu and potatoes.

Not only vitamin B12 and iron, often causes of canker sores can also be associated with lack of nutrients such as folic acid, zinc, and calcium can also trigger the coming of canker sores. For this reason it is good that you always keep your food intake with balanced nutrition daily.

7. Gingivostomatitis
As with the growth of Candida albicana mushrooms, gingivostomatitis can also be caused by oral hygiene that is not maintained properly. Often times gingivostomatitis occurs due to bacteria and some types of viruses.

Even so, the case of gingivostomatitis infection is a mild case. This disorder can heal on its own after 1-2 weeks – either treated or not. Treatment does not focus on the infection, but focuses on the infection of the symptoms.

8. Allergies
Mouth is one of the entrances for various kinds of bacteria that enter the body. When bacteria get into the body, the body's response to each person's bacteria can vary, some of which cause allergies. The effect of a large allergy may cause canker sores on the tongue.

9. Is Sensitive to Certain Chemicals
Some types of toothpaste and mouthwash contain a chemical substance called sodium lauryl sulfate. Although good for oral health, there are people who are sensitive to this substance, causing canker sores.

10. Health Conditions
The most common cause of canker sores can also be caused by accompanying medical conditions. If the previous explanation says, a person who is easily exposed to canker sores is those who have a weakened immune system, other conditions that can cause canker sores are celiac disease, Crohn's disease, Behcet's disease, and viral infections.

Well, that's the many causes of frequent thrush that you should understand. Basically, thrush is a disease that can heal on its own within one to two weeks.

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However, when the size of the thrush grows, new sprue appears and does not heal more than three weeks, accompanied by fever and diarrhea, you should immediately go to the doctor to get the appropriate treatment.

Do not forget, regularly checking the oral and dental conditions to the dentist. Restrict the use of mouthwash to avoid damaging the normal bacterial balance in the mouth. In addition, consumption is also soft food, avoid foods that are spicy, hard, sour, salty or hot drinks until the mouth sores heal.

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