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Durian Fans Must Know! Here Are 3 Healthy Tips to Eat Durian

Are you a durian fan? 

The fruit that is considered as the king of this fruit does have many fans, yes.
However, there are also enough people who hesitate to consume durian fruit because it is considered to have a harmful sugar and cholesterol content if consumed.

In fact, we can still enjoy durian without worrying about the dangers, as long as it knows the right way when consuming it. So, how healthy is eating durian?

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Durian fruit is also nutritious and beneficial
It is often considered an unhealthy fruit, in fact durian fruit also has a lot of nutritional content that is also beneficial for health, you know.

Yes, durian fruit is a fruit that has a fairly high vitamin C content. As we know, vitamin C is one type of vitamins that must be met daily needs to support the optimal immune system.

In addition, just like any other fruit, durian also contains fiber, minerals and phytonutrients.
Durian fruit meat that is white to yellow shows the antioxidant content of durian that is also quite good.

This certainly provides benefits to the body in the form of prevention of free radicals and cancer diseases.

Healthy Way to Eat Durian Fruit
All nutrient content in the durian fruit is a benefit that we will feel if we consume durian fruit in the right amount.

The proper consumption of durian fruit will make the fulfillment of vitamin C and fiber optimally so that the body immunity is increasingly supported.

For that, let's take a look at how healthy it is to eat the durian fruit below!

1. Pay Attention to Fruit Maturity
The doctor in the field of clinical nutrition, Samuel Oetoro, mentioned that one of the important things to note is that we can control the sugar levels in the durian fruit.

Choosing a durian that is too ripe, indicated by a very soft fruit texture to be chopped with a finger, it is called the selection of durian fruit is less precise.

It shows high sugar content because durian fruit is too ripe. In addition, first fruits fresh durian, not durian fruit is processed through the fermentation process so that the alcohol content of durian fruit is not high.

To do so, try to choose the durian fruit that is ripe but the flesh is not too soft or still can make the sugar content is not high.

2. Always Control The Fruit Portion
Durian fruit is a fruit that tends to be seasonal in some areas, it is risky to make us excessive consumption of durian fruit when the season comes.

This condition that causes durian fruit consumption is often excessive and causes excessive sugar intake.

We recommend the durian season, you always limit your intake of durian.

If you want to eat durian fruit, make it as one part of the daily fruit consumption by consuming it no more than 80 grams, or equivalent to 8-10 tablespoons durian fruit.

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3. Consumption Of Durian Fruit Along With Drinking Water
White water can suppress the appetite so you can better control the consumption portion of durian fruit. In addition, white water can support more fluid digestion, it will make the body metabolism more optimal after consuming durian.

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