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Healthy Diet For Your Blood Type B

There are many different ways to maintain weight to keep it ideal. One way that can be done is to apply a diet based on blood type. For those of you who have blood group B, here is the way of blood group B and the Reflection of blood group B that you should know.

Food that should be consumed blood type B
Before explaining about blood group B Diet, please note that blood group consists of several types and each person with certain types of blood type has different body characteristics, one of which is those who Bloody B. Blood type B is a universal blood group.

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Basically, the diet of blood group B has no problem regarding food intake, in other words this blood group can consume any food or drink.

In addition, this blood group also does not include rare blood types as well as many restrictions. Here are some foods that should be consumed in the blood group B diet, including :

1. Meat
Blood group B is not the same as those with blood group A because you are not required to avoid meat or become vegetarians. You have to reduce the consumption of chicken meat, but other types of meat is also still allowed to be consumed, but it should be more restricted to the meat. The food for the blood group B is goat meat, poultry, lamb, and rabbit meat.

2. Seafood
If in blood group A seafood is one type of food that is not good to be consumed. Just the opposite, seafood is a healthy diet of blood group B. Sardines, tongue fish, Salem fish, and fish eggs are also very good for blood group B.

3. Foods With Protein
When you are conducting a blood group B diet, you should consume foods that contain a lot of protein and only a little consumption of dairy products. Protein-rich foods include tempeh, tofu, and eggs. Meanwhile dairy products that should be consumed in small quantities are goat milk, yogurt, cow's milk, goat cheese, mozarella cheese, Indian cheese, kefir, and cottage cheese.

4. Beans
For those of you who are running a blood type diet B, it is recommended to consume nuts such as Almon, soy, green beans, peanuts, and others. In addition, rice cakes, black walnuts, oatmeal, and wheat pulp are also good for general health.

5. Fruits and Vegetables
Some good types of vegetables are consumed for those who want to diet blood type B is sprouts, beetroot, cauliflower, carrot, cabbage, and broccoli. For Buah-buahannya, you can eat papaya, pineapple, plum, banana, and wine.

6. Cooking Spices
Blood group B Diet can also be done from the seasoning you use. Olive oil, chili powder and good curry seasoning are good seasoning for health. Meanwhile, herbal ingredients that should be consumed while undergoing a diet blood group B are ginger, ginseng, pepermin, and green tea.

Well, that's the diet for the blood group B that you can try.

Dietary Restrictions On Blood Type B

Once you know the diet of blood group B, it is time to know the blood group B. A study reveals that lacine proteins differ in each blood group – where these proteins react with the type of food Be consumed and may pose health problems.

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For blood group B It is not recommended to consume chicken too often because it can cause pathway agglutination in muscle tissue resulting in autoimmune diseases.

Other foods to avoid are wheat, corn, sesame, tomato and lentil beans, because some of these foods are easy to cause obesity and interfere with blood sugar levels.

This is certainly done with moderation or adjustment of the amount because it does not mean the consumption of chickens in blood group B will immediately cause problems at that time also.

If you are hesitant to run a blood group B diet, it is important that you consult a healthy diet of blood group B which is good with nutritionist.

For those of you who want to run a diet based on blood type, you need to be wary of this blood group diet in people with kidney disease and diabetes. In general, this blood type diet does not take into consideration the overall health condition. This blood group Diet also does not consider when a person suffers from blood pressure or high cholesterol.

Weight loss with a diet of blood group is likely to occur due to the restriction of unhealthy food intake. This condition, according to some health experts, makes diet based on blood group only influenced by eating pattern.

Types Of Sport That Correspond To Blood Group B

Once you know what the blood group B is about and how to run a healthy diet B blood group, another important thing that you should know to keep your health optimal is to do exercise that suits the blood group.

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A good exercise for blood group B is medium intensity sports, such as tennis, golf, aerobics, hiking or leisurely walks. In the end, as a diet arrangement, exercise based on blood group has not gained any definite scientific evidence support.

Please note, blood group B tends to produce higher cortisol hormones than other blood groups in the face of stress. In addition, due to the sensitivity to specific lectin B in certain foods, it can also bring about inflammation and make people with blood group B susceptible to autoimmune diseases.

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