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5 Healthy Fried Eating Tips

Frying is still the most beloved food in Indonesia. Besides being used as a snack, fried can also serve as a delicious side dish, especially if it is still in warm conditions.

 It's just that, many people call fried foods as food that is not good for health. So, is there a way we can do to stay healthy despite the hobby of eating fried?

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Tips to keep eating fried but still healthy
Fried foods do have a delicious flavor so it is difficult for us to avoid them. Only, health experts call the consumption of fried foods can not be done in vain.

Here are some of the ways we can keep it healthy even if you like to consume it.

1. Limiting Portions and Frequency Of Eating
Enjoying the fried foods while chatting or watching television shows does sometimes make us forget ourselves. Not only one or two pieces, sometimes we can even spend more than five slices of fried, especially if the fried food is freshly cooked so it is still crispy and warm.

Unfortunatelyly, it has become a common secret if the frying is included in foods that are high in cholesterol, fat, and calorie content. This means that, if we often consume a lot of it, the risk of gaining weight that leads to obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes also increases.

In addition to limiting the portions, be sure not to consume them too often and replace them with other healthier snacks like nuts or fruits. This snack is not less delicious to eat kok.

2. Do Not Carelessly Buy Fried
We have heard of the news that a frying seller mixes plastic into the oil to make the fried flavor more crispy and durable, right? In addition, we also often see oil that is used by a very dark frying seller because it has been worn many times.

See this fact, do not carelessly buy fried. Make sure that the fried pan that we buy comes from a hygienic place, do not use the used used cooking oil repeatedly until blackened, and do not insert the plastic in the oil. For this reason, we should check the seller's habit of frying it before choosing to eat it.

3. Make Your Own Frying
If you are unsure of the quality or safety of the fried foods sold on the roadside, we recommend making them yourself at home. The frying pan tends to be easy to make and we can ensure that the oil is still quality and new. The fried foods are certainly much safer than the fried ones purchased, right?

4. Be Sure to Wear Quality Oil
Some of the types of oils that are safe to make fried are olive oil, canola oil, and sesame oil. These oils will not cause increased levels of bad cholesterol in the body, making it safer for frying. Just that, we should also make sure that this oil is used only for twice the frying.

 If used so many times, feared the content of carcinogens in the frying will increase and we will also be more susceptible to cancer. Also can be sure to wait for the oil to really heat before inserting the fried ingredients to prevent excessive oil absorption.

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5. Dry The Oil After The Frying Is Lifted
We can use the kitchen tissue to absorb excess oil on the freshly caught frying pan. By doing so, at least the oil, fat, and cholesterol content in the frying pan that we will consume less. It would certainly be better for health, isn't it?

By paying attention to this, we can eat a much safer fried for health.

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