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Healthy Diabetes Tips, After-Meal Workouts

Diabetics are not allowed to consume food. If they consume high calorie foods, it is feared that the blood sugar level rises significantly. This is due to the lack of insulin hormone production in their body. In fact, the existence of this hormone is very important in metabolizing blood sugar.

In addition to implementing a healthy diet, diabetics can exercise after eating.

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Besides maintaining the diet, diabetics can also do other things to keep their blood sugar levels in a balanced condition. The trick is to do a light exercise after eating. It is revealed by Kajsa Ernestam, a dietitian who originated from Lifesum.

According to Ernestam, doing mild sports such as walking, swimming, or simply cleaning the room can make insulin sensitivity increased. This certainly will make the hormone levels of insulin in the body increase.

 The more insulin is produced, the more blood sugar can be metabolized. This will certainly help to prevent the surge in blood sugar levels while providing energy for the body's cells to perform its functions.

Suitable for those who do not suffer from diabetes but are at risk of developing this disease
In addition to diabetics, Ernestam mentioned that the habit of doing light exercise after this meal is also beneficial to healthy people but has a high risk of diabetes due to genetic factors. According to Ernestam, the risk of getting diabetes can even be suppressed up to 40 percent.

However, we should not do sports that are too harsh because if done after a meal, there is a chance that the stomach feels uncomfortable or even makes the sensation of nausea appear.

Some of the best sports for diabetics
In addition to a mild exercise after eating to keep blood sugar balanced, diabetics are also strongly advised to routinely exercise every day.

Here are the most recommended sports for those

1. Walk Fast
Walking quickly can be easily done anywhere. In addition to the open space, diabetics can also use the treadmill to do so. This sport is an aerobic exercise that can help the blood flow become smoother and make the heart rate increased. Diabetics can prevent any complications associated with the cardiovascular organs.
Just be sure to be careful when doing so because if it is falling or injured, it may appear hard to heal.

2. Yoga
Yoga is a sport that requires strength, balance, and flexibility. This exercise is not only capable of lowering stress, but also making nerve function increased, making insulin sensitivity increased, and helps restore the balance of blood sugar levels. This exercise can also be done in the house so it tends to be safe for diabetics.

3. Cycling
As fast roads, cycling is included in aerobic exercise which is good for the health of cardiovascular organs. This exercise is also good for lung health. Only because diabetics are susceptible to injury if they fall off the bicycle, it is good to use a static bike that can be worn inside the house.

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4. Lift Weights
This sport can be done in the fitness center. It's just that, if we have weights or barbells in the house, it doesn't hurt to do it every day. Routinely carrying out weight sports can help make increased muscle mass while making the balance of awake blood sugar levels.

5. Swim
Swimming can cope with stress, burn calories, lower cholesterol, and improve the health of cardiovascular organs. However, diabetics should be careful when doing so because if they are
slipped or scratched, there will be a wound.

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