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Healthy Coffee Tips to Avoid The Trigger Hypertension

Although widely known as a healthy drink, in the reality of coffee if consumed with excessive can cause problems increased blood pressure or hypertension. Fortunately, health experts call us still allowed to drink it regularly.

Nevertheless, we should be good at managing the habit of drinking coffee to prevent the increased risk of hypertension.

Tips to Prevent Hypertension For Coffee Lovers

Health specialists call Coffee can still be consumed at least one or two cups a day. Only, if we consume it with more frequent frequencies like four or five times a day, then the risk of increasing blood pressure can increase.

 This is due to the abundance of caffeine content that enters the body. In fact, caffeine has the ability to make blood vessels become narrower so that it will trigger an increase in blood pressure.

In fact, in addition to caffeine, coffee also has other healthy content such as antioxidants that are excellent for health. Just that, this content also depends on what type of coffee is consumed. If we consume black coffee without additional sugar For example, then the healthy benefits gained will be more.

Conversely, if we are used to consume instant coffee that is high in sugar and other content, then in addition to the risk of hypertension, it can also be experienced to increase the weight and risk of diabetes.

Health specialists also advise us not to consume coffee in stores. For example, if the coffee consumed has additional high-fat or caramelized milk, then this coffee will not be as healthy as black coffee. We also need to restrict the coffee-copy of the contemporary although it is quite delicious.

Other Tips to Make Coffee Habits Healthier

Health experts call There are other ways we can see that the habit of drinking coffee can make the body healthier.

Here are some of those things.

1. Pay Attention to Its Budget
Health specialists mentioning three or four cups of coffee per day are still considered a reasonable measure. It's just that, also with the note that a cup of coffee has a caffeine content of about 100 mg alone.

If we belong to a person who tends to be sensitive to caffeine, we recommend reducing the dose if it starts to feel symptoms such as heart palpitations or difficulty sleeping. Limiting it to about one or two cups a day can be a wise choice.

2. Choose Between Hot Coffee or Cold Coffee
The Philadelphia University health expert and Thomas Jefferson University conducted a study proving that hot coffee has higher antioxidant levels. In contrast, research conducted by the American Heartburn Alliance proved that cold coffee is much more convenient for the stomach because its acid levels tend to be lower.

3. The Best Time To Drink Coffee
Health experts advise us not to drink coffee at night because it can increase cortisol hormones that eventually cause us to sleep. Give a delay of about 4 to 6 hours between bedtime with the last time we enjoy coffee.

We should also not drink coffee after waking up. Consume in the hours before lunch because after waking up the body has its own mechanism to keep us awake.

4. Pay Attention To Coffee Blends
It is good that we do not consume coffee with additional creamer or high fat milk too often because it can increase the risk of getting obese, diabetes, and heart disease. Only, if we want to enjoy a little sweet sensation when drinking coffee, we can add brown sugar or palm sugar which is considered safer compared to white sugar.

Nonetheless, the added sugar levels should not be excessive.

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