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7 Benefits of Drinking Honey Before Bedtime

Since long time honey has been used as food and medicine. Honey can be used as a substitute for sweet taste of sugar which is certainly healthier. Moreover, many suggest drinking organic honey before bedtime.

This can bring a lot of health benefits. Honey can absorb fats well, especially if consumed concurrently with warm water.

Honey has a lot of nutritious content such as minerals and vitamins, obtained from flower nectar that successfully sucked by honeybees. Additionally honey has amazing benefits such as fighting respiratory tract infections, anti-diabetes substances, and reducing glucose levels in the blood.

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The benefits that are obtained are:

1. Make a deep sleep
Eating honey before bed is believed to be able to make a better sleep lho. This is because insulin levels increase in small quantities when you drink honey before bedtime.

Insulin can stimulate the release of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is then converted into serotonin, a relaxation hormone as well as a good mood and can make sleep slumbering.

2. Preventing cancer and heart disease
Honey contains organic acids and phenolic compounds such as flavonoids. Scientists believe that the combination of these compounds gives honey strength in its oxidacy.

Interestingly, high honey antioxidants have been believed to prevent the risk of heart attack, stroke, and some cancers. Honey can also improve eye health.

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3. Reduce the risk of diabetes
Consuming a teaspoon of honey before bed can reduce the risk of getting diabetes. Diabetics are advised to consume honey every night before bedtime about 1 teaspoon of honey. It helps to treat diabetes because blood glucose levels can be reduced.

Although honey may be a little better than sugar for diabetics, honey should still be consumed with caution. In fact, diabetics can perform the best action by minimizing all foods that are karbohidratnya high.

4. Boosts the immune system
Some types of honey can stimulate the production of immune cells in the body. The nutrients contained in honey are believed to be able to improve the immune system well.

Nutrition in honey can heal many kinds of diseases lho. Honey should be consumed as many as 1 piece of meal every day before bedtime.

5. Treating cough and sore throat
Respiratory tract infections such as cough and sore throat may affect sleep and interfere with activity. The primary remedy for coughs is not always effective and can have side effects. Interestingly, honey may be a better option for treating coughs.

One study found that honey works better than two ordinary cough medicines. Other studies say that it reduces cough symptoms and the drowsiness effect is higher than cough medicines.

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6. Cleans toxins in the body
Because honey is the best antioxidant, consuming honey routinely can cleanse your body from various toxins. Consuming warm water dipped in lemon with one teaspoon of honey will help detoxify the body.

7. Refrain from hungry
Eating more than one tablespoon of honey is equivalent to an intake of 17 grams of carbohydrates. This is why honey can be one of the right options to increase energy demand. Because honey contains a number of natural sugars such as fructose, maltosa, glucose, and sucrose.

When entering the body, the content will be processed into calories to increase the body's energy during activities. Raw honey containing 64 calories per cup will give a feeling of satiety at night.

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