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5 Quick Sixpacks Without Fitness Tips

There is always a reason for lazy exercising, including not having leisure time to go to the gym. Well, actually sports can be done anywhere you know.

There are many different types of sports that are easy to do by yourself at home without needing a special tool. Especially for you who mager to start sports in the fitness center.

By conducting regular exercise movements at home, you can exercise muscle strength and body balance. Exercise can be done at home and can be done by anyone, even for beginners who want to start a workout routine. Of course, there are 5 Tips that can be done:

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1. Jumping Jack
Jumping jacks are the most easy sports movement to do anywhere and anytime without the help of any sports equipment. This movement is included in the combination of aerobic exercise.

By standing with both legs and the position of the hand on the side. Then, lift both of your arms simultaneously to the top of the head and jump to taste as you stretch your legs wide. Perform this gesture for 15-30 seconds Yes detikers.

2. Squat
Favorite pants are not used? Try this sports movement at home. Squats can be trusted to shrink the thigh circumference and strengthen the thigh muscles, arms, and abdomen. The movement of the sport can reduce the fat stacks and form those parts.

By spreading the legs equal to the shoulder, then place the fingers behind the head. Ascend and lower your body by pushing your hips backwards while bending your knees. Perform this gesture 10-15 times yes.

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3. Pushup
This sports movement will reduce the fat or the swinging of your arm and help strengthen your shoulders because pushups can train your arm, shoulder, and abdominal muscles as a stabilist.
How, you can position the body like a face and place the hand in the mattress. Don't forget to align your wrist with your shoulders.

 Do not make the neck too tight or strained because it can cause neck pain and make sure the abdominal muscles remain toned. Bend the elbow then go down and raise your chest towards the mattress/floor. Perform this gesture up to 10-20 times yes with a routine.

4. Mountain Climber
Don't have time for sports? This sports movement is suitable at home when you have a little leisure time. Mountaint Climber is a cardio movement that is beneficial to nourish your heart. In addition, it is effective also to burn calories in a short time.
How to position yourself like will do pushup and straighten your body, from shoulder to toe. Raise the knee until it reaches the chest, as if running. Do it for 5-10 times.

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5. Run in place
Lazy to jog or run alone? Don't have a treadmill at home. You can try another alternative, that is running on the spot. Without the need for a personal trainer, you know how to run without moving here. Perform this gesture for 15-30 seconds.

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