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4 Health Conditions That Can be Seen From Your Tongue

When visiting a doctor, you may have been asked to open your mouth and stick your tongue first before they perform further checks.

The tongue can give an idea of your current health condition. Because, the characteristic of healthy tongue is pink with small spots or papillae.
If you see anything strange, it could be influenced by a certain disease. Quoted from Reader's Digest, following health conditions that can be seen from your tongue.

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1. There are small white patches on the tongue
This means something irritating your mouth. Painless White chatting or leukoplakia is caused by excessive cell growth and is often associated with smokers. In many KASUSM Leuplakia will disappear when quitting smoking that will prevent you from tongue disease.

2. Burning sensation on the tongue
You use the wrong toothpaste or you are in the postmenopausal. If the tongue stings and burns as if it is flush hot water, hormonal changes can be a trigger. Although burning tongue syndrome can happen to anyone, women are seven times more likely to experience it than men.

Some people who experience this sensation can also be allergic to certain types of toothpaste for example if there is a substance called sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which can cause the sting.

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3. There are painful wounds on the tongue
It could be that you're stressed. Sometimes, the pain lasted five days later and reappeared until it disappeared after two weeks. But be calm, the wounds that you experience will not transmit your partner.

4. The tongue is like perforated and bright red
If you do, it can be one of the signs of cancer of the tongue if it does not disappear on its own for two weeks. This symptom not only affects the old age, but the productive can also be hit.

These symptoms occur a lot in smokers or also because of the HPV virus. Always check when you find it strange even if it doesn't interfere with your daily activities. Because, most oral cancers do not hurt when in the early stages.

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