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Dates For Diabetics, Why Not?

Dates are sweet fruits that are identical with the fasting month. Even this fruit is recommended for consumption during breaking the fast. But can diabetics consume dates?

"Eat dates can be tablets, he is a low glycemic index. Scientific studies show that the date of consumption does not provide a significant increase in blood sugar levels, including in diabetics, "said Medical Advisor Kalbe Nutritionals Dr. Ervina

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Dr. Ervina also revealed that another study in 2011 published in the Nutrition Journal strengthened the findings. The study showed that all five of the studied date variants had a low glycemic index. Therefore, dates do not cause significant increases in blood sugar levels in diabetics.

"In general, diabetics are allowed to meet 10% of the total calorie needs of sugar or simple carbohydrates. So, consume a maximum of 3 dates per day does not matter. With notes, do not consume food or other sweet drinks and still run a healthy diet, as well as exercise routine 30 minutes per day,  "Dr. Ervina says.

According to Dr. Ervina, exercise is beneficial to help lower blood sugar, maintain weight, improve body composition, and help decrease insulin resistance so that it will improve blood sugar regulation.

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In addition, there are some things that can help maintain blood sugar levels during fasting. There is a suhur and a proper meal. Choose the type of carbohydrate that has low glycemic index and high fiber so that it can help prevent blood sugar levels increase after eating.

 "Sugar consumption should be limited. As an alternative, low or no calories are used. The number of calories daily should also be considered, do not be excessive, "continued Dr. Ervina

To help maintain blood sugar levels, diabetics can also consume dietary nutrients such as Diabetasol containing a complete and balanced nutritional intake for diabetics. Diabetasol also contains Vita Digest Pro and a low glycemic index that can help stabilize blood sugar levels and make fasting smooth.

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To facilitate the calculation of total daily calorie intake, can be assisted with a special diabetes meal replacement, which is Diabetasol that has been measured by total calorate, has a low glycemical index, and high in fiber. Diabetasol can be drunk when approaching iftar to help the satiety longer, as well as the night's sleep to prevent hunger in the middle of the night.

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