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10 Items That Would be In A First Aid Kit

Did you know that there are 10 items that would be in a first aid kit that you must have? What are they? Before you prepare an accident rescue box at home, you must know what is in it and always be available.

10 Items That Would be In A First Aid Kit for You

First aid kits are meant to help manage injuries on the spot. Regarding health, lots of equipment must be prepared to prevent something unwanted from happening. There are 10 items that would be in a first aid kit prepared, include:

  1. Gloves and Mask. This thing is significant to be in your first aid kit. Sterile gloves are used when handling injured victims, so they don't come into direct contact. In terms of health, cleanliness is the main thing, and it must be applied.

    In addition to sterile gloves, you must also prepare a mask. You can use a mask when you want to leave the house to avoid dust and use it at home when you have a cold.

  2. Alcohol and Wound Medicine. Alcohol is a drug to clean the wound before doing the further treatment. You have to make sure the wound is clean first. Use it around the wound, not on the wound.

    This drug is usually used before the wound is bandaged to dry quickly. Antibiotic creams are also important, usually in the form of an ointment.

  3. Sterile Gauze. The next item for first kit is gauze. Gauze is usually used to cover wounds that have been treated or previously treated. Its function is to avoid dust or other things that can cause infection in the wound.

  4. Plaster. Plaster is the partner of gauze. A plaster is needed to glue the wrapped gauze. Therefore, you also have to buy plaster for completeness when buying gauze.

  5. Anti-Pain Medication. Medicines are certainly very important to be part of the 10 Must-Have Items in your first aid kit at home. Minor accidents usually happen at home. Therefore it will be important to prepare pain medication in the first aid kit.

  6. Bandage. Bandages are usually used as a lining before gauze to protect the wound from opening and speeding up the healing process.

  7. Scissors and Tweezers. Scissors and tweezers are very important to always have at home. You can use scissors to cut gauze or a bandage to treat the wound.

    Scissors are safer and more practical than knives. Then you can also use tweezers to remove debris from the open wound to make it cleaner.

  8. Adhesive Tape. Adhesive tape is very useful for first aid needs, including forming splints and securing gauze pads. You have to include it in 10 best items that would be in a first aid kit, so you don't have to buy it if you need it.

  9. Gauze Pads. Padding gauze should always be part of the first aid kit you carry. They come in various sizes, but it is best to buy the largest size and cut it into the required pieces.

  10. Aseptic Gel. The antiseptic gel is 70% alcohol in the form of a gel that can be used as an antiseptic to clean hands from germs, such as bacteria and viruses, without rinsing. 

best items that would be in a first aid kit
Ilustration : must-have items in your first aid kit at home.

Preparing an umbrella before it rains is certainly very important, one of which is by preparing 10 items that would be in a first aid kit at home or in the car. It is used to save someone if there is an accident or sudden disaster.

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