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5 Best Eye Medicine For Infection

The eyes are one of the important parts of the body which they experience problems, will have an impact on daily activities. One of the most common is an eye infection. Then what are the eye medicine for infection that should be used?

5 Eye Medicine For Infection Need To Know

Factors viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites are the main causes of infection in your eyes. Some eye diseases are caused by infection, such as stye, conjunctivitis, keratitis, dacryoadenitis, and blepharitis.

Eye pain will certainly interfere with activities. Of course, you have to prepare eye medicine for infection to guard if this bad thing happens because eye infections can happen anytime when our physical condition is not good.

To prevent infection, you should not carelessly touch your eyes when you are out. It could be that dirty hands will make some bacteria get into the eyes.

The medicine for the next eye infection
Ilustration : the correct medicine for eye infections.

If the infection has occurred, what should be done? Taking medication is one way to make your eyes better. But you certainly need to know the correct medicine for eye infections to get maximum results, including:

  1. Chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic drug intended for some serious or ongoing bacterial infections. If your eyes don't change after using other medicines, you can use this medicine.

    Chloramphenicol is available in drops, ointments, tablets, syrups, and even injections. This drug works to eradicate the bacteria that cause infection and slow down to stop their growth.

    You can find drugs containing chloramphenicol in pharmacies, such as Bufacetine, Cendo Fenicol, Chloramex, Chloramphenicol Palmitate, Cloramidina, Colsancetine, Erlamycetin, Hufamycetin, Licochlor, Novachlor, and Etolin, Vanquin Plus.

  2. Gentamicin. The medicine for the next eye infection is Gentamicin. This drug is proven to overcome infections caused by bacteria but not by viruses and fungi.

    This drug works by interfering with the production of proteins needed to build bacterial cell walls.

  3. TobraMycin. This best eye medicine for infection have types such as drops and ointments that work by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause disease. Bralifex, Bralifex Plus, Tobro, Tobroson, Tobrex are the drug brands.

  4. NeoMycin. Neomycin belongs to the class of aminoglycoside antibiotics, which work by stopping the growth of bacteria that cause infection.

    This medicine is available in various types, such as drops, ointments, and creams or gels. You can find in pharmacies such as Celefa, Cordema, Enbatic, Erladerm-N.

  5. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs . NSAID drugs can also be used as an option to treat swollen eyes that are also accompanied by itching. However, the administration of NSAID drugs must also be done with caution.

    As with corticosteroids, NSAID drugs also have a large enough chance of causing side effects after their use. The risk of side effects of NSAID drugs is higher if they are used in patients with complex corneal shapes.

How To Prevent Eye Infections

Keeping the eyes and the whole body clean is very important to avoid eye infections. You can reduce the risk of transmitting eye infections in the following ways:

  1. Do not touch your eye area with dirty hands.
  2. Make sure to wash your hands as often as possible.
  3. Do not share personal items with others.
  4. Change your sheets and pillowcases regularly.
  5. Check your eye condition regularly with an ophthalmologist.
  6. If there are people with eye pain around you, limit contact with them as much as possible.

eye medicine for infection is undoubtedly beneficial in overcoming problems that occur in the eyes to recover quickly and carry out daily activities more smoothly. Avoiding the cause of infection is also very important for your eye health.

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