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6 First Aid For Heart Attack

Heart attack can occur suddenly, accompanied by symptoms or not. Of course, you need to know first aid for a heart attack for those of you who have family or relatives with a history of heart disease.

Knowing how to first aid for a heart attack is needed, and should be disseminated. Many cases that occur are late treatment, and then death occurs.

If a heart attack occurs, usually, the patient will experience some or no symptoms. Symptoms experienced can be severe or mild. Symptoms of heart disease experienced by the elderly are generally not visible.

First aid for a heart attack that can be done
Ilustration: How to first aid for a heart attack.

A heart attack that can come suddenly will certainly make anyone who sees it panic. But a simple thing that has special meaning is that you have to be calm when dealing with a heart attack patient to do the right thing.

According to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, there are several ways and first aid for a heart attack that you should do when meeting a patient, including:

  1. Immediately Call 119. First aid for a heart attack that can be done is to call 119. This is a free emergency call. You can call 119 to report an incident you are experiencing, one of which is when you see someone else having a heart attack.

    Perform Basic Life Support. This can only be done by medical personnel or experts. Of course, if you know how you can do it. But if you can't, you should find the right person who can handle it well.

  2. Defibrillation Using AED. The third thing that must be done when dealing with the heart is to perform Defibrillation using an AED (Automatic External Defibrillation).

    AED is a medical device that aims to analyze the heart rhythm automatically to return the rhythm to normal.

  3. Taking Aspirin. One of the main causes of heart attacks is blockage of the arteries in the heart due to blood clots that form. Therefore, the treatment for a heart attack on yourself that you can do is take aspirin.

    This heart attack medicine can also prevent blood clots from forming by preventing blood pieces from sticking together.

    Usually, when you call the nearest hospital, you will be asked to take aspirin first until an ambulance from the hospital comes to pick you up.

  4. Loosen The Clothes Worn. If you have chest pain, you may be experiencing one of the symptoms of a heart attack. Therefore, one way to deal with a heart attack is to loosen clothes.

    It could be that the clothes you are wearing make your chest ache to the point of shortness of breath. So that the chest does not feel tighter, the first thing you can do is loosen the clothes you are wearing.

    Especially if the clothes you are wearing are uncomfortable and make your body feel like you are under pressure, it could be, the shortness of breath experienced will become worse with clothes that are too tight or too suffocating.

  5. Take Patient To The Nearest Emergency Room Or Hospital. If it is felt that the incident location is not far from the hospital or health center, you can ask for help from other people and then bring them there so that the patient is treated quickly.

Heart attack is one of the diseases that cause death, with the highest rate in the world. How to first aid for a heart attack certainly needs to be important information for everyone. Hopefully, the method above can help you.

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