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5 Fever Medicines For Children, Find Out Now!

Fever is the most common thing experienced by children. Fever can occur due to several things such as weather, environment, immunization effects and also due to bacterial infection. If that happens, you have to look for the right medicine for fever for kids.

When a child has a fever, it signifies that the body is responding to an infection. Although it is a common condition, it is normal for parents to feel worried. Therefore, you need to know what steps you can take, including what medicine can reduce a child's fever.

Recommended Medicine for Fever for Kids

If your child has a fever, the first thing you do is give medicine. Some fever-reducing medicines can be found at the nearest pharmacy. If the fever still doesn't go down, you can refer him to the nearest clinic or hospital.

When a child has a fever, the child will feel discomfort because of the increased body temperature. But don't panic and make your little one even more scared.

Fever medicine for children
Ilustration : fever medicine is intended for kids.

Medicines for fever for children are very diverse. Therefore make sure the medicine you choose is the right medicine. The following are recommendations medicine for fever for kids that have been considered effective in curing :

  1. Tempra Paracetamol. This medicine contains Paracetamol which serves to stabilize the temperature in the brain. In addition to reducing fever, Paracetamol also has other functions such as anti-pain, relieving toothache and headaches.

    Most mothers buy this drug because many doctors recommend taking Paracetamol when kids have a fever, especially after has been immunized or vaccinated. This fever medicine is intended for kids aged 1 to 6 years.

  2. Sanmol Paracetamol Syrup. The next fever medicine for children is Sanmol Syrup. This drug is effective for reducing fever in children and is also a pain reliever. Sanmol Paracetamol Syrup is given 3-4x a day for the desired results. Make sure to take this medicine after meals.

  3. Proris Suspensi Ibuprofen. Proris syrup is sold freely and can be found in many pharmacies throughout Indonesia, including the closest pharmacy to your area.

    This syrup contains Ibuprofen, works as a very effective fever reducer to relieve pain in children and is also anti-inflammatory. Make sure you choose this type of medicine according to the dose and age of the child.

  4. Hufagripp TMP. The medicine for fever for kids that is most often heard is Hufagripp because it is frequently encountered in tv commercials, making Hufagripp very familiar to the ear.

    Apart from being famous for Hufagripp TMP, this drug is also potent and effective. 5 ml in one measuring spoon of this syrup contains Ibu Profen, which is very good for reducing fever in the baby.

  5. Bufect. Besides being consumed for kids, Bufect fever medicine can also be consumed by adults at a dose of 5 ml. Every 5 ml dose contains 100 mg of ibuprofen which can help relieve fever.

    To relieve pain and reduce fever in children, you should take Bufect fever medicine as much as 20 mg per kg in 2.5 ml and 3-4 times a day for children aged 3-7 years. Then, for children 8-12 years old, it can be consumed 3-4 times a day with a dose of 5 ml.

Fever is always an enemy for parents because the child becomes weak and not as cheerful as usual. When a child has a fever, the most appropriate way is to medicine before checking with the doctor. 

You can use the medicine for fever for kids above as a reference because it is easy to find and available in pharmacies.

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