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Nutrition for Depression : Food for Your Mood Stay Positive

What do you know about depression? Have you ever experienced it or do you feel the symptoms? How to deal with it if you are embarrassed to go to a mental health consultation? But is there any Nutrition for depression for mood stay positive? Check out the full explanation of this article.

6 Best Nutrition For Depression

Depression is a mental disorder that affects the way of thinking, acting and feeling of the sufferer. When you are depressed, you will feel sad and lose a lot of interest in daily activities.

So what to do when you are depressed? Is going to a psychiatrist or psychologist enough? Can you do self-care at home? It would be a good thing if you know various nutrition of depression.

There are many things you can do to overcome depression, one of which is by maintaining a balance of food to consume. Some sources state that food can affect a person's mood and depression.

Nutrition for depression
Ikustration : nutrition for depression.

Here are some types of nutrition for depression that will help you overcome, reduce and eliminate depression :

  1. Selenium. Selenium can reduce anxiety and control mood. You can find selenium in whole grains, legumes, low food dairy product, nuts, lean meet, beans and some seafood.

  2. Vitamin D. God gave free Vitamin D to you and everyone in the sun and in foods like fish, beef liver and eggs. Vitamin D may help reduce symptoms of depression (2019 research).

    Not only that, vitamin D can activate a gene that regulates the immune system, releases dopamine, and also good serotonin for brain development and function.

  3. Omega 3. Depression disorders can disappear when you consume omega 3 regularly, because omega 3 has the benefit of improving brain and nerve function. Omega 3 can be found in walnuts, canola, flaxseed and some types of fish.

    Expand consumption of omega 3 for your physical and mental health. Lack of consuming omega 3 can cause symptoms of depression that will really bother you.

    Some people can experience mood disorders, cognitive decline, anxiety and also experience slow and even poor understanding processes.

  4. Prebiotics. The next good nutrition for depression for human is prebiotics. Prebiotics are great for your gut health. Keep in mind, a healthy gut microbiota can prevent depression. Prebiotics can be found in yogurt and kefir.

  5. Protein. In protein there is a substance that can trigger a sense of happiness. Because of this, protein can reduce and relieve a person's symptoms of depression.

    You can find protein in tuna, chickpeas, poultry, lean beef, yogurt, milk, soy products, and low-fat cheese.

    Try eating foods that have good protein several times a day, especially when you're in need of an energy boost and clearing of the mind.

  6. Zinc. Zinc is good for immunity and minimizes depression. If your body lacks zinc, you can experience unstable emotional anxiety, one of which is irritability which will be a symptom of depression.

    Some research shows that people who experience depression are people who have very low levels of zinc in their bodies. You can find zinc in peas, chicken, beef and oysters.

There are many things you can do to overcome and reduce depression that is experienced. Some of the most effective ways are to always think positively, worship or get closer to God, and also consume the best nutrition for depression.

Consuming nutrition for depression can't 100% handle the mental health you're experiencing. If you have consumed the above nutrients but are still depressed, it means you need further treatment. Try to consult an expert.

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