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8 Types Of Yogurt Good For Digestion and Diet

Yogurt is one of the most widely consumed dairy products. In addition to its delicious taste, yogurt also has a lot of benefits for health. Did you know that there are different types of yogurt? Here are the must-know types of yogurt!

Good Types Of Yogurt For Health and Diet

Yogurt is the result of fermented milk. Yogurt has a probiotic content, high in calcium, and the protein is believed to have many benefits for health, especially digestive health.

Here are the types of yogurt that are commonly consumed :

1. Full-Fat Yogurt
The first type of yogurt is full-fat yogurt. As we know, yogurt is prepared with milk. By name alone, it is predictable that full-fat yogurt is a yogurt made from full-fat milk.

Full-fat milk is a milk that is not reduced in the fat content in it. Full-fat milk can be either pure milk or raw milk, or it can be called full cream milk, which is a pasteurised pure milk.

The fat content is higher than other types of yogurt. However, this type of yogurt is made from milk that believed the nutrient content is still very awake, so that the nutrients in this type of yogurt is also believed to be higher.

However, it does not mean that lean yogurt does not have nutrients, as some dairy producers can add additional nutrients to the milk, so yogurt can also be enriched with additional nutrients.

2. Non-Fat Yogurt
The next yogurt is a non-fat yogurt which is the opposite of full-fat yogurt.

This type of Yogurt barely contains any fat at all. Non-fat yogurt is made from a type of lean milk or skim milk. The fat content in non-fat yogurt is below 0.5%.

Often the addition of a preteners and sweetener is added in non-fat yogurt to get the right consistency. Choose a dairy product that has a shorter list of compositions.

3. Low-Fat Yogurt
Low-fat yogurt is not much different from non-fat yogurt, its fat levels are equally reduced.

The difference is the fat content in low-fat yogurt is higher than 0.5-3%. As for nutrient content is still good.

Low-fat and non-fat yogurt contains good potassium to lower blood pressure. Low and non-fat yogurt can also be an option to lose weight yogurt diet for those of you who undergo a low-fat diet.

4. Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt has a more viscous consistency than other types of yogurt.

Yogurt is made by filtering liquid whey so that the product is more viscous and creamy. The protein concentration in Greek yogurt is higher and less its lactoid content.

The Greek yogurt should at least contain 5.6% protein, while the unfiltered yogurt only has a 2.7% content. The lack of a Greek yogurt is its manufacture, which produces whey-acid byproducts that can damage the environment.

5. Non-Dairy Yogurt
Yogurt is a dairy-processed product, but not all yogurt is made from cow's milk.

There are types of yogurt made from plant-based milk such as almond milk and soy milk. Yes, this type of milk can also become yogurt when it is fermented.

The choice of non-dairy yogurt is very good as an option for you who have cow milk allergies and lactose intolerance or natural sugars contained in cow's milk.

6. Yogurt Without Lactose
In addition to choosing non-dairy yogurt, the owner of lactose intolerance can also make yogurt without lactose-free yogurt as an option. The content of protein, calcium, and its prostate remains the same so that people with lactose intolerance should not feel worried about consuming this product.

7. Frozen Yogurt
Frozen yogurt is frozen yogurt and often categorized as a type of ice cream.

Froyo is often regarded as a healthier alternative to ice cream. Unfortunately many frozen yogurt products that the sugar content is not much different from the ice cream in general.

In addition, this type of yogurt is also considered to have fewer active and live bacteria. Most of the frozen yogurt is made from the heated yogurt so much of the bakery is killed and not active anymore.

8. Kefir
Kefir is also often referred to as one type of yogurt, because the both is a fermented milk. Kefir is made by mixing milk with microorganisms called kefir seeds.

Just like yogurt, kefir also contains probiotic, calcium, protein, and vitamin D. Kefir can also be full-fat, low-fat, and non-fat. The difference is kefir can be bulging, while yogurt is not.

Tips For Choosing The Most Good Yogurt

1. Basically yogurt is a healthy milk processed product and has a lot of benefits for health. But before buying yogurt and other yogurt drinks, don't forget to check the ingredients in the yogurt.

2. Avoid yogurt that contains too much content sweetener and additional preservatives. As mentioned earlier, it is better to choose a product that has fewer composition lists. Each yogurt will have the main ingredient of milk and the ingredients used for fermentation.

3. In addition, you should also consider other content in yogurt. Examples such as Greek yogurt are high in protein would be better to be a choice of yogurt for a diet high in protein. While doing a low-fat diet, it is recommended to choose low-fat yogurt.

4. Yogurt can be consumed every day, but certainly should not be excessive. Consuming too much yogurt is also not good for digestion and can cause indigestion such as diarrhea.

Well, that's the kind of yogurt you need to know and how to choose the right yogurt for you.

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