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Normal Human Body Temperature and How To Check Body Temperature (Complete)

Normal human body temperature has been a conversation since the end of 2019 related to the Corona-2019 (COVID-19) virus that is worldwide, including Indonesia. This Virus causes the ordinary flu to develop into a severe illness and even result in death. Actually, what is the normal body temperature?

Normal Human Body Temperature

The normal temperature of human body that we know so far is 37 degrees Celsius. But it looks like the number is not the right number to describe a person's body temperature.
The exact number to indicate the correct human normal temperature is at an average figure of 36.1 – 37.2 degrees Celsius. This is based on normal body temperature differs in each person caused by several factors.

Body Temperature Difference by Age
The body's ability to regulate temperature changes as you age. Usually, parents are harder to maintain the heat temperature and are also more likely to have lower body temperature.

Here are the average human body temperature based on age:

1. Infants and Children
The average normal body temperature of infants and children ranges between 36,6 °c to 37,2 °c.

2. Adults
The average normal temperature in adults ranges from 36,1 °c to 37,2 °c.

3. Elderly aged 65 years
The average body temperature in the elderly is lower than 36.2 ° C.

Abnormal body temperature due to fever
If your body is subjected to fever, then normal body temperature will change. Usually this fever often occurs in children, but if this is the case, you should not be too panicked.

You can use herbal ingredients to help reduce the fever suffered by you or your child. Here it is not discussing healing using chemical medicines, because it uses natural herbal ingredients that are good for health and do not have any negative side effects.

Please be aware that fever is not a disease but a symptom. Fever is a symptom of a body that is infected by an infection, whether it is an infection due to bacteria, parasites, fungi, or viruses.

Your entire organ has the potential to be infected. When infection occurs in the respiratory tract, symptoms of cold, cough, tonsillitis, or sore throat occur. In addition, infections can also attack the urinary tract, ears, gastrointestinal tract, and others.

Factors affecting body temperature
The body basically tends to warm throughout the day. As a result, fever in the morning can occur at a lower temperature than fever that appears later in the day.

Daylight Time is not the only factor that can affect the normal temperature of human body. As mentioned above, younger people tend to have higher average body temperature. This is because our ability to regulate body temperature decreases as you age.

The level of physical activity and certain foods or beverages can also affect body temperature. Women's body temperature is influenced by hormones as well, and can rise or fall at different points during the woman's menstrual cycle.

In addition, how you measure normal body temperature can affect readings. The armpit readings can get to a lower level than readings from the mouth, and the temperature readings from the mouth are often lower than readings from the ears or rectum.

How To Measure Body Temperature
Measuring the normal temperature of the human body can be done in several types or ways, ranging from in the mouth to the armpit. Here are some types of thermometer to measure body temperature..

1. Digital Thermometer
The digital thermometer delivers the fastest and most accurate results in temperature measurement. This tool is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which you can get in a drugstore or pharmacy. The digital thermometer can be used in three ways, i.e. in the mouth, rectum, and armpits.

2. Electronic Ear Thermometer
This thermometer can measure the temperature inside the ear by reading infrared heat from inside the ear. To achieve the best measurement, be sure to follow the usage instructions.

3. Forehead Thermometer
The forehead thermometer is also used to measure temperature, but may not be as reliable as a digital thermometer. This appliance is placed in the temporal artery of the forehead and reads the heat out of the head via infrared.

4. Dot Thermometer
This thermometer is used mainly in infants over three months old. This dot-shaped tool is inserted into the baby's mouth for a few minutes. But this tool sometimes does not show accurate results to show the normal body temperature of the baby.

5. Plastic Strip Thermometer
This type of strip thermometer is not actually a reliable measurement of body temperature because it only shows the temperature of the skin.

6. Glass Thermometer and Mercury
This thermometer is the old way of measuring normal body temperature. This tube thermometer has mercury or mercury in the inside. The use of a thermometer is placed under the tongue and the body temperature will cause mercury to rise inside the tube. The point at which Mercury stops is the body temperature readings.

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When to go to a doctor?
Fever can be dangerous, especially in infants, young children, and elderly. Immediately seek medical help if the condition of the body shows signs of fever, especially body temperature increases.

Another condition that may cause fever is COVID-19 which has symptoms similar to the ordinary flu. Symptoms of COVID-19 include:
  •  Fever
  • Nasal congestion
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
 If you experience these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor for quick treatment and to prevent the spread of the virus.Corona viruses can sometimes cause respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia or bronchitis. This condition is more common in people with weakened immune systems, infants, and the elderly.

 That's a complete explanation of normal body temperature based on one's age. If your body temperature is abnormal or lasts long

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