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It's A Healthy Diet That Is Also Able To Lose Weight

The Mediterranean Diet is famous for its excellent benefits for health. The application of a balanced and varied pattern on this diet proved to provide health benefits to the body. But roughly, can the Mediterranean diet lose weight?

The Mediterranean Diet is applied with the symbol of the Mediterranean pyramid, in which the largest pyramid is the food derived from plants (plant based food) followed by legumes, animal proteins and restrictions on consumption of sweet, salty and fatty foods.

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The principle is a healthy diet principle that has many recommended various health associations of the world, and the Mediterranean diet is proven to be good to prevent heart disease and hypertension.

But the application of the diet seemed incomplete if it could not lose weight. According to Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, the health and nutrition expert of WebMD, the main benefit of the Mediterranean diet is for health, but the benefits of weight loss can we feel if:

The Mediterranean Diet is routinely applied for at least 6 months
Accompanied by regular exercise habits, as well as
Setting the proper meal portion, if reduced, does not do excessive portion reduction.
Zelman added that the Mediterranean diet has actually had the principle to support a good health condition. The exercise habit and portion of the meal is set in the Pyramid of Mediterranean diets.

So, we are encouraged to apply a Mediterranean diet in our daily life, not just for weight loss alone.

With the application of a Mediterranean diet we will not only get the health benefits only, but if applied with the above three tips then the weight loss can also be obtained.

Weight loss from the Mediterranean diet is certainly healthier than other diets because food intake remains balanced and varied.

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