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How To Healthy Diet Without Torture Yourself

A healthy Diet is one of the methods of food planning that allows you to lose weight without compromising on health. This means that if you're running a diet but your health is often interrupted or your weight is easy to get on and off in a short period of time it may be that the diet you are living is an unhealthy diet.

If you want to undergo a diet to lose weight but still free to eat all your favorite foods, follow these instructions:
  1. Regular exercise
  2. Perhaps you have often heard this counsel, but it is true. When you run a diet, the body's metabolic system will work more optimally when balanced with exercise and regular training sessions. Then the fat burning will be maximal. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
  3. Consult a physician
  4. Before doing certain types of diet, for people with health problems such as diabetes, cardiac, hypertension or others should consult a doctor or nutritionist.
  5. Eat the food you like
  6. Diet doesn't have to make you eat what you don't like. Instead, the diet will feel easier and favours, if you plan a healthy eating pattern with the types of food you like. Eat good, the body looks great? Fun!

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