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Best Diets For Those Who Experience ADHD

ADHD or Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a condition that causes a person already once noticed something or concentration. In addition, they are also difficult to control the energy from the body and become very active. In short people who have ADHD are those that are hyperactive.

Why do ADHD-Idlers Need Special Diets?

What we eat can affect the overall body condition. This also applies to those who experience ADHD. The Diet will affect the physical condition and also the mentality. Some experts even deliberately make specific diets suitable for energy levels and also control the concentration that is easy to break.

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By consuming specific foods that are more specific, one will be able to control himself well. Various symptoms or signs that appear in ADHD sufferers will not appear or if they appear will not be too much and affect the daily life of a person.

Types Of Foods Suitable For ADHD
As said before, consuming certain foods can make one easier to control the symptoms of ADHD. For the types of food that can be consumed, here are some recommendations.

High-Protein Foods
Food with protein levels has two functions for the body especially for ADHD-idlers. Firstly, a high protein content is suited to overcoming excessive hunger. The effects of the range are also much longer than carbohydrates. By consuming protein, one will not be easily hungry.

Furthermore, by consuming protein, one can easily control blood sugar in the body. Rapid increases can be prevented so that the chances of triggering the hyperactive sign are smaller. Food with high protein content consists of processed meat, fish, various nuts, and eggs.

Complex Carbohydrates
Consuming simple carbohydrates will make it easy for someone to experience problems with their blood sugar. That's why simple carbohydrates are highly recommended because they have a lot of benefits. Various types of benefits to be obtained is stable blood sugar and make the body easy to sleep well.

Complex carbohydrates contain low GI index. This means it is very difficult to raise blood sugar which triggers a hyperactive sign. Some types of foods that contain complex carbohydrates consist of fruit, vegetable, pasta, and grain.

Foods Rich in Omega-3
Children with ADHD conditions are usually easy to experience some problems such as lack of focus and lack of strong motivation. This condition can arise because they have an omega-3 level in the lower body. Finally, his brain function has impaired and hyperactive conditions occur.

The best way to restore the focus of a child or anyone with this ADHD condition is to consume foods that contain omega-3 or consume supplements with that content. The food was made up of grains such as hemp and chia. Furthermore, various sea fish such as salmon and tuna also have it.

Foods Containing Vitamins and Minerals
Foods that contain certain vitamins and minerals are also perfect for those who experience ADHD. Some of the suitable types of vitamins are vitamin D and B-6. Furthermore for the type of minerals are iron, zinc, and magnesium.

Types Of Food to Avoid
In addition to the food that should be consumed above, we are also advised to avoid some of the foods below. If continuing to consume it, the condition of ADHD can be worse

Sugar and its dairy should be avoided by those who experience ADHD. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate that will instantly raise blood sugar. This increase causes the signs of hyperactivity to become worse and cause children to become increasingly self-controlled.

Simple Carbohydrates
Simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread, sirop, and anything sweet can make blood sugar increase rapidly. In addition to triggering an easily emerging hyperactivity condition, these foods also increase the risk of diabetes in a person.

Consuming a small or limited amount of caffeine may be able to make a person with ADHD can concentrate well. However, if excessive can cause problems. Besides being able to eliminate the effects of ADHD medication, caffeine in coffee and tea can make a person increasingly difficult to control.

Something That Makes a Child Addicted
Something that makes children addicted and made from chemicals such as different types of sweets with artificial sweetener is not suitable for those who have ADHD. Possible relapse and disrupt the concentration will be great.

Some Dietary Protocols Suitable For ADHD
Some types of diets with special protocols are suitable for those who have ADHD. The Diet consists of:

1.Elimination diets. 
This Diet is done by doing elimination of the vulnerable additives to make the body so unhealthy. The additives consist of dyes, flavors, preservatives, artificial sweeteners. Only consumption of natural and processed foods alone.

2.Trial Diet. 
This Diet is done by consuming certain types of foods in small quantities. Its function is to know whether the food is triggering symptoms or not. If a person experiences food allergies, the symptoms of ADHD usually also arise because of the food.

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A Mediterranean Diet or a keto modification. This Diet is done by consuming only protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are highly restricted in order not to trigger blood sugar increases. This Diet is good for suppressing symptoms of ADHD.

Here are some of the best diets that can be consumed by those who experience ADHD. By applying the above diet, the energy that the body has can be maintained well and one can easily control themselves so as not to be active excessively and also be able to concentrate to do something.

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