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10 Causes Breast Itching Nipple (No. 7 Terrible)

An itchy breast nipple can happen to everyone. However, in some cases itching of the milk is often experienced by women. Although the itching of the breasts makes you want to scratch it, you should be more careful, because the action is at risk of damaging the skin in the breast area.

Causes Of Nipple Itching Breasts
Before discussing the cause of the nipple itching, you need to know that the nipple itching itself is caused by several factors, so if you want to overcome it then you need to know the cause first.

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Here are a few things that cause the nipple breast itching, among them:

1. Eczema
The most common cause of itchy breast nipple is eczema.

The disease is characterized by scaly, itching, redness, until the skin looks dry. In severe cases, eczema can cause injury and if it does not get the proper treatment can trigger infection.

You should know that eczema can be caused by genetic factors as well as environmental influences, such as chemicals in skin care products, or the friction of clothing.

Eczema itself can be treated with corticosteroid ointments, anti-inflammatory ointments, antibiotics, to moisturizers. However, it would be better if a consultation with the doctor first to look for the medication that corresponds to the skin condition.

2. Psoriasis
As with eczema, psoriasis has an almost identical appearance of redness, scaly skin, and is largely happening outside the elbow and knee. In addition, rashes can also appear anywhere including in the nipple. Hydrocortisone therapy is advised to cope with itchy breast nipple or other body parts associated with psoriasis.

3. Atopic Dermatitis (Atopic Eczema)
Other common causes of breast itching are atopic dermatitis. This condition is common in dry skin with rash. The sufferer tends to be experienced in those with an allergic history.

4. Massumaris
Itching breast nipple is often experienced by mothers who are breastfeeding. This condition is also called massumaris, inflammation in breast tissues. This condition can occur due to breast tissue infected with bacteria or milk water blockage.

Masbead can make the breast itch, swollen, red with pain or sore sensation while breastfeeding. If you do not get serious treatment, this skin disease can arise-tenggalam.

5. Pregnancy
Pregnancy makes the body of a woman undergo many changes. One of them is increasing blood flow to the milk tissues that makes the breasts grow. The sensation of blood flow in the breasts causes the nipple to itch, become more sensitive and the pain appears.

In order not to interfere with blood flow in the breast, you should use a bra that is not too strict. The use of petroleum jelly or lotion containing cocoa butter, lanolin, or vitamin E is suggested in the morning and evening after the bath.

6. Cold Air
The cause of itchy nipples is often unconscious. In fact, cold and dry air can cause itching on the body, no exception to the breasts. If this is accompanied by the emergence of sweat, then the itching that occurs can be worse.

Bathing or soaking in warm water can overcome the itching you feel. Afterwards, you can try to apply a moisturizing cream or aloe vera to prevent the skin from getting dry.

7. Breast Cancer
One of the most common harmful diseases in women is breast cancer. Sometimes, breast cancer causes breast itching. Besides the nipple itching, other symptoms are the nipple being flat or interested, a lump in the breast, changes in the nipple skin, and discharge from the nipple.

8. Fungal Infections
Fungal infections can occur in nursing women or those who do not immediately bathe or replace clothes when experiencing excessive sweating. Symptoms that can arise are breast itch, dry nipple, redness and pain.

To reduce nipple itching, you can use antifungal creams and antibiotics according to a doctor's prescription. Always keep the breast skin dry so that the yeast infection does not occur again.

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9. Menopause
The hormone estrogen in the female body has a role stimulating collagen production to maintain skin elasticity and humidity. While entering the menopause period, the body of a woman no longer produces estrogen hormones. That is why the skin of women who have menopause is more dry, thin, and irritable, including in breast parts.

10. Paget's Disease
The latter's breast itching and very rare occurrence is Paget's disease. This disease is a type of rare cancer that attacks the nipple. The initial symptoms resemble atopic dermatitis.
How to overcome nipple itching breasts
Basically, the treatment of nipple itching depends on the underlying cause. Most can be solved with free-sale medicines on the market

In the case of atopic dermatitis, doctors will prescribe the use of topical corticosteroid drugs. The drug can accelerate healing and relieve swelling.

Drugs such as tacrolimus and Pimecrolimus, are known to help the skin healing process and prevent atopic dermatitis from expanding by altering immune system work related to allergic reactions.

As for addressing the symptoms of mastitular, doctors generally advise antibiotics. Use this treatment to avoid getting back to the infection. You can wear a bra made of cotton so that the air flow in the breast smoothly, and avoid the use of soap with harsh materials. Another way that can be done to reduce nipple breast itching is by cold compresses.

As for the treatment of Paget's disease will be conducted through surgical action, such as mastectomy.

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