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Healthy Tips In Lunar Time For Diabetics

Lunar feast is synonymous with good food, something that will certainly make a dilemma for diabetics. How not, they want to enjoy a good meal, but afraid these foods can give a less good impact to their health. Fortunately, health experts say there are ways that diabetics can stay healthy during lunar day. What are these ways?

Find out how many calories your food or Chinese Foods typically have

There are a lot of food or traditional Chinese snacks that we can find in houses or in various public places. For example, we can easily find cheese sago cakes, nastar, basket cakes, Kue semprong, and others. These foods have the taste that tends to be sweet and filling because the content of carbohydrates and sugar is quite high.

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For example, if we consume two cakes, then we have got 112 calories, 18 gr carbohydrates, and 22 gr sugar. Meanwhile, if we eat two cakes Sago cheese, then the caloric intake can reach 46 calories, the sugar can reach 2 grams, and Karbohidrat can reach 8 grams.

The problem is that sometimes we can eat Chinese special foods in a lot because it has already enjoyed the taste. For example, we certainly would be difficult to stop eating nastar cakes even though it has eaten up to 5 pieces, isn't it?

If we continue to take it, we can consume carbohydrates and sugars for up to hundreds of grams a day. In fact, health experts advise us to limit the maximum sugar intake around 40 to 50 grams a day for healthy people. For people affected by diabetes, this number must necessarily be lower.

Healthy Tips for people with diabetes when lunar
Health specialists call diabetics to avoid consuming Chinese special foods in order to prevent blood sugar levels from spikes that can trigger complications. In addition, they should also pay attention to various other things.

Here are some things to consider for people with diabetes to stay healthy while celebrating lunar.

1. Healthy Breakfast
Don't get me wrong, a healthy breakfast can have a tremendous impact for diabetics while celebrating lunar. With a filled stomach and a body that is already energized, then we certainly will not be able to consume food or traditional Chinese snacks. This will certainly help to keep blood sugar levels better.

Choose a breakfast that provides complex carbohydrates that can make the blood sugar level increase slowly while making the feeling of fullness lasts a long time. Foods like oatmeal or whole wheat bread can be the right choice

2. Do Not Overdo The Meal
Although Chinese food is very tempting, we should not consume it in vain. In addition to choosing foods that do not have a sweet taste like a basket cake or nastar, we should also taste it a little if it is still allowed by the doctor. Be sure not to eat it excessively in order to prevent blood sugar increases.

3. Don't Carelessly Choose a Drink
If we go to a sister's house or a friend in the lunar year, you should not choose to eat canned drinks or bottled drinks that have a sweet flavor. Choose a much healthier and safer white water.

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4. Diligent Move
Not only exercising about 30 minutes each day, we can also multiply body movements such as walking or wearing stairs during the lunar day to help with calorie burning and keep blood sugar levels balanced.

By doing so, diabetics can still enjoy the lunar day without worrying about the surge of blood sugar.

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