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Healthy Tips To Order Coffee At The Cafe

Coffee has now become one of the most popular drinks favored by many, especially young people. Coffee made in the café is considered as one of the daily complement of lifestyle. Unfortunately, coffee sold in stores is not necessarily healthy.

Sometimes, there are sugar content or additional creams that can adversely affect the health of our body.

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Tips on choosing a healthy coffee

Health experts call coffee in fact able to help prevent the coming of liver disease, cancer, and stroke. It's just that, because given additional ingredients, coffee may lead to a rise in the risk of diabetes, obesity, and cholesterol problems.

Here are some things we need to look at when ordering coffee.

1. Choose a Black Coffee
Black Coffee is widely known to have a bitter taste. The price also tends to be cheaper compared to other coffee. This is due to the absence of additional ingredients such as sugar, syrup, or even krimers. These additional ingredients that reduce the benefits of coffee while making the risk of getting some types of disease can increase.

Health experts advise us to choose a coffee type of espresso shot or Americano whether it's hot or cold.

2. Do Not Carelessly Choose Milk
Coffee mixed with milk can indeed give more enjoyment. We also have to make sure that the milk used is not arbitrary. For example, if the coffee is coupled with sweetened condensed milk, then we will get a very high intake of sugar. This will certainly make us more susceptible to experiencing weight gain or a spike in blood sugar after consuming it.

We recommend that we ensure that milk is low in fat or low-fat. Even if the coffee maker wears soy milk, it will be much better for the health condition of the body.

3. Replace Sugar and Syrup With Other Ingredients
Although it can make coffee flavor more sweet and delicious, sugar and syrup can give less good impact to the health of the body given the high levels of calories and sugar in it. Make sure that the coffee we ordered does not have both of these content.

If we were given sugar separately, we should prepare pure honey, powdered cinnamon, or almond powder as a substitute for the sugar to make the coffee still has a sweet flavor.

4. Do Not Choose Coffee With Whipping Cream
Indeed, coffee that is given the addition of whipping cream will have a more delicious flavor, but in every 50 grams of this cream there are 130 calories as well as 10 grams of fat. Consuming it will certainly make us consume calories and fat in a fairly high amount. This can certainly give a less good impact to the health of the body.

5. Do Not Overdo
Although coffee does have a delicious taste, we should not consume it excessively. For example, we should take it a maximum of 1 or 2 cups each day. If the coffee we ordered is sweet coffee with the addition of other ingredients, we should limit the consumption to be occasional.

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6. Choose Another Drink
There is no harm in trying other drinks if the choice of coffee provided in the shop is just a sweet coffee or other mixed ingredients. We can consume hot chocolate or tea which is not less delicious and also high in nutrient content and can prevent the coming of hypertension or coronary heart disease.

Just make sure that these drinks are not given additional ingredients like sugar that is certainly unhealthy.

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