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Frequently Itching Signs Of Liver Disease?

Itching on the skin is a natural thing experienced by anyone. Usually, it is caused by insect bites or exposure to dust and dirt. Only, sometimes itching is related to health problems such as allergies. In fact, there are some people who consider itching to be associated with liver disease, especially if the condition is quite common.

Identifying Causes Of Itching On The Skin

In the medical world, hives on the skin are called pruritus. This condition can be very annoying. It's just that, once we're scratched, this itchy sensation will usually subside by itself although in some cases, this uncomfortable sensation can continue to emerge so that it makes us want to continue to scratch it.

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Itching is often triggered by irritation of the skin or rash. Those who suffer from skin problems such as psoriasis or dermatitis are also susceptible to experiencing it. Only, health experts call people who have liver cirrhosis problems also complain about the frequent and disturbing sensations of itching.

The problem is if these itching keeps us scratched, it could be triggering a change on the surface of the skin. In fact, in some cases these scratching will lead to blisters or infections.

Link Between Liver Disease and Itching

Health specialists call liver disease, whether that is triggered by viral infections, excessive consumption of alcohol, or other causes will make the liver unable to function optimally. This means that the process of neutrality of toxins in the body will not last with maximum. The existence of this poison is then causing a sensation of itching on the skin.

In addition, the liver also has a large role in producing bilirubin which is then channeled into the gallbladder. This bilirubin will help the digestive process of makanana.

However, because of the liver function that has been damaged due to disease, this bilirubin will be transferred to the skin so that it makes symptoms such as eyes or skin that look more yellow. The presence of bilirubin will also cause an itching sensation.

Not all sufferers of liver disease have itching
Nevertheless, published research results in the British Journal of General Practice resulted in the fact that not all sufferers of liver disease will experience itching symptoms. This condition depends on the type of liver disease attacking.

For example, patients with liver diseases of primary biliary cirrhosis, primary pyogenic sclerosing, and bilaris obstruction tend to be more susceptible to itching problems, but those who suffer from liver diseases that are not is triggered by alcohol and liver disease because the habit of drinking alcohol tends not to experience itching.

What kind of itching signifies liver disease?

As mentioned earlier, not all types of itching are associated with liver disease, but if we often experience it without a clear cause, feeling these itching can not subside even if it is carded, or feel other symptoms such as Skin color and eyes are becoming more yellow, likely the cause is a matter to the liver.

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If this condition is caused by liver disease, we should ask the doctor for help to get medication or other healing procedure to overcome it. Only, especially for the symptoms of itching, patients with liver disease can ask for special creams to address the problem of itching or dry skin.

In addition, sometimes doctors can also give special soap or lotion that can help the skin hydrated so that it will not be easy to experience a quite disturbing itching sensation.

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