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Sleep Disturbance Effect On Body Organ System Function

In one day we are advised to sleep for 7-9 hours. If you can't sleep during that period, the quality of the rest will decline. The impact you will often feel tired and uncomfortable. Sleep disorder at a glance does not cause anything. However, if allowed to affect many organ systems in the body.

Effects of sleep disorders on organ systems
Sleep disorders cause a very large problem on the body. The physical will be directly impacted and mental health follow. If you often experience sleep disturbances, here is what will happen to the organ system in the body.

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1. Central Nervous System
When sleep disorders occur, the central nervous system will experience considerable interference. The information that the brain should receive so it is not completely up. The impact of disruption in the central nerve due to frequent insomnia and other sleep disorders is a problem in the mood as it is irritable, sad, and can trigger hallucinations.

The psychological effects that can likely arise if we often experience problems such as very impulsive and hard-to-control behaviors, depressed by the difficulty of enjoying rest, paranoia, and having suicide thoughts if the condition The body continues to deteriorate.

2. Immune System
The immune system will decrease if you experience sleep disorders. While sleeping, immunity will form throughout the body. This immunity will prevent the inclusion of free radicals and pathogens causing problems. If you sleep for 7-9 hours a day, your immune system will increase by itself.

If the quality of sleep is decreased, it is likely that the endurance will also decrease. A continuous sleep disorder that affects the immune system will make the body easily experience inflammation. In effect, harmful diseases such as diabetes to heart disorders may occur.

3. Respiratory System
The respiratory system will also experience disturbances when sleep disturbance is easy every night. If you are rarely sleeping soundly every day, it is most likely to experience distractions like an easy time to experience upper respiratory tract infections such as colds and flu.

If sleep disorders are getting worse and the body quality decreases, disturbances such as heart disease can occur. So, make sure your sleep does not run into any problems at all. If there is a disorder see habits that are done daily if there is a potential for sleep disorders or not.

4. Digestive System
Sleep affects two types of hormones, the first is leptin that will give a signal of satiety and both ghrelin that give the signal of hunger and increase appetite. If you experience sleep disturbances almost every day, it is most likely that ghrelin is increasing and the appetite is hard to control.

In addition, sleep disorders will also make it easy to experience problems like often tired. If the body is often tired and weak, physical activity that is too heavy will not be possible. The impact, you will not easily do exercise and the metabolism of the body will not be high. Its eventual impact is obesity.

5. Cardio-Vascular System
Sleep regularly and qualified daily will make blood flow smooth, stable blood pressure, and the chance of inflammation throughout the body can be minimized. In addition the problem of blood sugar can also be maintained well and the condition of diabetes will not be easy to occur.

From studies conducted, experiencing sleep disturbances for a while such as insomnia would cause problems in the cardiovascular system such as heart attack and also stroke.

6. Endocrine System
The endocrine system that produces several types of hormones will also be influenced by a person's sleep quality. If the quality of sleep owned by a person has decreased, it will most likely interfere with the production of sex hormones such as testosterone and estrogen.

Furthermore growth hormone will also experience disturbances. If this hormone is up to a decline in numbers, chances are most children will not be able to grow perfectly. In addition, those who are trying to build muscle in the body will be difficult to do.

Sleep disturbance Handling and prevention
Handling sleep disorders depends on how much effect it has on the body. Mild sleep disorders such as less number of hours can be performed by improving the circadian cycle of the body. Sunbathe in the morning and avoid sleeping with bright light will help this condition.

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If sleep problems arise in the form of insomnia, it may be sought to know the cause first. For example too often drink coffee, can be stopped. Last sleep apnea can be solved by losing weight because obesity is one of the causes that often trigger.

The best way to prevent sleep disorders that affect the organ system is to do some of the things below.
  • Do not sleep during the day too long, 15-30 minutes is enough.
  • Drink coffee for up to 4-5 hours before bedtime. When sleeping at 22.00, the minimum limit is before 17.00. If drinking type decaf does not matter.
  • Always adhere to circadian cycles. If it is normal to sleep at 21.00, always sleep at night, immediately go up to bed and sleep.
  • Wake up to sleep at the same time.
  • Avoid eating something heavy 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Keep electronic equipment with bright light.
  • Exercise regularly.
Thus some effects of sleep disorders that will make the function of the organ system can not run smoothly. If you want to get the perfect quality of sleep, it is good to set the diet, rest, and overcome the stressful conditions in the body. Hopefully the above reviews can provide additional knowledge regarding the effects of sleep disorders.

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