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10 Benefits Of Witch Hazel (Men and Women Must Know)

Witch Hazel is one of the natural ingredients that is often used in beauty products. Besides being beneficial to skin health, Witch Hazel is also believed to have the ability to cope with inflammation. Here are some other Witch Hazel benefits you should know

What is Witch Hazel?
Before explaining the benefits of Witch Hazel, you need to know another thing of the plant that has the Latin name of this virginiana Hamamelis. In addition to the leaves that can be utilized, the bark part also has health benefits.

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Because Witch Hazel contains tanin substances, this plant can be applied directly to the skin or added to the herbal tea. One of the benefits of Witch Hazel that many people often use is used to maintain skin health. Witch Hazel leaf extract is often used on oily skin as it can inhibit oil production and shrink pores.

Benefits of Witch Hazel
Well, once you know the brief explanation of what Witch Hazel is, it is time for you to know some of the benefits of Witch Hazel for health, including:

1. Overcoming Acne
The first and often used Witch Hazel benefits is overcoming acne. This is because Witch Hazel contains anti-inflammatory substances that can cope with inflammation of acne. In addition, Witch Hazel is a plant that can also absorb excess oil on the skin.

2. Overcoming Dry Skin
Do you have dry skin? If yes, it looks like you should get Witch Hazel benefits. Having dry skin makes you vulnerable to breakout. No wonder if you have to choose skincare that the ingredient should be able to nourish while locking the moisture in the skin cells.

In the end, choose a product that contains Witch Hazel, because Witch Hazel contains high moisturizer and is an astringent that makes skin feel fresher.

3. Prevents Skin Wrinkles
Another function of Witch Hazel is to keep skin toned and youthful. This is due to the ability of Witch Hazel to protect skin from exposure to UV rays that are the main cause of free radicals. Not only that, Witch Hazel's benefits can also suppress the breakdown of cells that often result in wrinkles.

Nowadays there are many skincare that has been equipped with the content of Witch Hazel extract in it. Usually this material is used in special skincare oily skin, acne-prone or anti-aging products.

4. Relieve Skin Irritation
Witch Hazel plant extracts have the efficacy to relieve sunburn, skin irritation, as well as cooling skin. Therefore, use a facial cleanser that contains Witch Hazel. Facial cleanser with harsh materials can trigger excess oil production and trigger irritation.

5. Eliminates Swollen Eyes
Swollen eyes can affect a person's confidence when dealing with others. To solve this problem, you should therefore get Witch Hazel benefits.

The marinated Witch Hazel can be used to tighten facial skin, including swollen eyes caused by stress. Compress the eyelid area with cotton that has been soaked with Witch Hazel. Stick for 15 minutes or more to remove swollen eyes.

6. Overcoming Hemorrhoids
In addition to the skin, Witch Hazel can also be believed to cope with hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids itself is caused by swelling and inflammation of the blood vessels in the rectum and anus, which can lead to itching and bleeding. So, how is the application? Cloth or cotton soaked with Witch Hazel is then applied to the affected area.

Positive effects can occur due to the anti-inflammatory effect on Witch Hazel, in which the hemostatic properties it possesses are able to stop the bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. However, since related research is still limited, advanced research on the benefits of Witch Hazel for hemorrhoids is still needed.

7. Reduce Scalp Sensitivity
Scalp sensitivity can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from cosmetic hair treatment to dermatological conditions, such as psoriasis or seboric dermatitis.

Applying a little Witch Hazel oil to your scalp before washing your hair can help treat scalp sensitivity and relieve symptoms like itching and pain.

Subsequent Witch Hazel benefits can also help relieve inflammation, it is useful in reducing the scalp sensitivity caused by conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Sometimes, Witch Hazel is also used by natural remedies to address other scalp problems such as dandruff and dry skin.

However, advanced research is needed to evaluate Witch Hazel's benefits in addressing this problem.

8. Resist Infections
Some research suggests that the benefits of Witch Hazel can combat some types of viral infections. One of the studies revealed, the content of tannins in Witch Hazel showed an antiviral response to influenza A and human papillomavirus (HPV).

In fact, another study suggests that Witch Hazel extract is able to inhibit the activity of herpes simplex virus 1. For this reason, Witch Hazel is often applied topically as a natural remedy to help fight and relieve cold wounds.

Even so, more research is needed to see the effects of Witch Hazel and the impact of viral infections in healthy adults.

9. Prevents The Spread Of Skin Cancer Cells
Witch Hazel is rich in tannins, a natural plant compound with powerful antioxidant properties that can help protect your skin from damage. A study of animals reveals that, tannins can help neutralize free radicals and prevent the spread of skin cancer cells.

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Other research on animals found that tannins in Witch Hazel were able to slow the growth of skin tumors in radiation-exposed rats. As most of the research is done on animals, advanced research is needed to evaluate Witch Hazel's benefits in humans.

10. Overcoming Sore Throat
Due to its ability to reduce inflammation, Witch Hazel is sometimes used to treat sore throat. Boil the Witch Hazel with water as much as 240 ml for approximately 10 minutes. Mouthwash with boiling water to reduce swelling and dry mucus caused by sore throat.

Although believed to be able to overcome the problem of throat, claims against it still needed further research.

Well, that's some benefit Witch Hazel is useful for health. Good luck.

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