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Healthy Diet Guide Blood Group A to Lose Weight

Blood group Diet is one of the very popular diets. The Diet done adjusting to our blood group is considered capable to increase metabolism and decrease the risk of disease. This time that will be discussed is the diet of blood type A. Then, what if you want to do A healthy diet A blood type to lose weight?

Blood Type Diet

As the name suggests, blood type diet is a diet distinguished by one's blood group. According to many doctors, blood group diet can help to improve metabolism, improve body fitness, and certainly reduce the risk of various diseases. A healthier diet is also widely utilized by the public to lose weight.

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Based on the number of blood groups in general, there are four different types of diet that are blood group A, B, AB, and O. Each blood group has its own rules on food that is good to eat and should be avoided. The blood group diet that will be discussed this time is the diet of blood group A.

Blood Type A Fact

Reported from the old official diet of blood type,, the uniqueness of the blood group A is the number of Neurokimoawi factors in the disposition of the genetic. This is what makes the owner of the group have a life structured, harmonious and rhythmic. The blood group A is also surrounded with a positive and supportive environment.

The blood type A is one of the best interconnects between body and mind when compared to other blood groups. Unfortunately A blood group A is also considered to be stressful. The way to manifest a healthy life for blood group A is with a healthy lifestyle, hormonal balance, mild exercise, and A healthy diet of blood type A.

Guide to doing A healthy Diet A blood type
Interested in implementing A blood Type Diet A? Previously, first know the types of foods that are most recommended and should be avoided by the owner of blood group A. Dilansir of Medical News Today, here are the foods that can be eaten and should be avoided blood type A :

1. Animal Protein
Protein is one of the makronutiren needed by the body. One source of protein is from animals or also called animal proteins. The animal Protein recommended for the blood group A is dominated by the seafood.

Can be consumed: chicken, Turkey, code Ikad, Carp, pufferfish, grouper fish, sardines.

It's best to avoid: beef, pork, lamb, venison, duck, goose, anchovy, barracuda, catfish, clams, kavia, crabs, prawns, eel, lobster, and squid.

2. Processed Milk
Processed milk is actually considered difficult to be absorbed by the blood group A. But there are still some products that can get into the diet list of blood group A like the following.

Can be consumed: yogurt, kefir, cheese, goat milk.

Should be avoided: all products that are not listed on the list are allowed.

3. Nuts
In addition to animal protein, protein is also obtained from the type of nuts and legumes. Here are some types of nuts that can be consumed and should be avoided.

Can be consumed: peanut, walnut, pumpkin seed, red soy, green beans, black peas.

Best avoided : Brazilian beans, cashew nuts, corn, sesame, peas, tamarind.

4. Rice-Padian
Most of the grains are well tolerated by the blood group A. Padi-Padian is generally used as a source of carbohydrates which is just as important nutrients as protein for the body.

Can be consumed : amaranth, horse axle, rice cake, rye, buckwheat noodles, artichoke pasta.

Should be avoided: granola, wheat bran, durum wheat.

5. Vegetables
Vegetables are needed to meet the vitamins and minerals that the body needs. In addition, vegetables also generally contain high fiber that is needed to maintain digestion. There are quite a lot of types of vegetables that can be consumed in blood group A diet.

Can be consumed : Garlic, shallot, carrot, brokol, kale, pumpkin, spinach, radish, parsley, okra, lettuce.It's best to avoid: peppers, olives, potatoes, yam, cabbage, tomatoes, lima beans, eggplant, mushrooms.

6. The Fruits
Just like vegetables, fruits are also used to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals for the body. The amount of fruits included in A diet of blood type A is also quite A lot.

Can be consumed : plum, plum, tin fruit, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, apricots, blueberries, cranberries.
You should avoid : melon, blewah, Orange, strawberry, blackberry, mango, papaya, banana, coconut.

7. Spices or Seasonings
Spices or seasonings are needed to enhance the taste of cuisine. Spices and seasonings must also be adjusted in the blood type diet. Here are the spices and seasonings that can be consumed and should be avoided by the blood group A.

Can be consumed : garlic, ginger, soy sauce, miso.You should avoid : vinegar, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, pickles.

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8. Drinks
A blood group Diet also discusses good and less good drinks for certain blood groups.Can be consumed: green tea, ginger water, coffee, and red wine.

You should avoid: beer, soda, black tea.

Tips to lose weight with A blood type Diet

A healthy Diet of blood group A aims to increase the metebolism of the body and also lower the risk of various diseases. Whereas if you want to lose weight, then here are some tips that should be applied :
  • Watch the calories of each meal. We recommend food consumption with balanced nutrition.
  • Exercise regularly. It has been mentioned earlier that blood group A should do light exercise if you want to live healthy.
  • Do diet consistently to maintain ideal body weight.
  • Discuss with the doctor about this diet, especially if you are experiencing certain health conditions.

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