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8 Most Powerful Eye Pain Medications (Medical and Herbal)

Eye is a body organ that often experiences various health disorders, such as itching eyes, redness, swelling, watery, hoist (conjunctivitis), until the eye is tired due to staring at the computer screen or the use of glasses. So, how do you treat those sore eyes when you happen? What kind of eye pain medication is good for use in accordance with the condition?

Eye pain Medication : an eye disorder solution

As a body organ that serves as a sense of vision, the role of eyes is certainly important. One problem alone befalls the eye, as small as it is, will severely interfere with daily activities.

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Environmental factors and also lifestyle often trigger the occurrence of problems in our eyes. Call it the lightest type of eye pain, which we commonly know by the term ' centiless ' due to exposure to dust or dirt.

In these conditions, the common thing to overcome is to provide eye pain medications that are sold on the market, especially eye drops. However, the use of red eye pain medications and so on should be noted, lest not be wasted because the medication used is not appropriate.

Various kinds of eye pain medications (Medical & Herbal)

The treatment of eye pain is different from the mild start, such as the use of eye drops, to the weight of the surgery. Swollen eye pain medications, red, and other drugs can be either chemical or herbal medicine.

Here are the types of eye pain medications you need to know.

1. Decongestants
Red-eye and the territory is one type of eye pain common to many people, perhaps even among you. Causes of red eyes can be due to a number of factors, such as the eyes exposed to dust or dirt, tired eyes due to staring at the screen of a computer or smartphone for too long, post-operative side effects, and so forth.

To solve this red eye pain problem, you can use red eye pain medication that contains decongestants. The function of this eye pain medication is to relieve the red eye due to the irritation by reducing blood vessels, to then the sclera of the eye back to white color.

Nevertheless, it's good not to be too dependent on this one eye pain medication to treat the red eye you are experiencing. The reason, the use of long-term decongestant drugs can cause other eye problems, such as dry eyes and dilated pupils. In addition, these drugs can cause dependence on the eyes when used continuously.

2. Artificial Tears
Meanwhile, for dry eye cases, the way of treating eye pain this one could be by utilizing a drug known as artificial tears.

Dry eye pain medication this one function to give additional tear elements in dry eyes. That way, the eyes will stay wet and awake to moisture.

Dry eyes themselves are triggered by a number of factors, such as being in a windy place, tired eyes due to the use of glasses and so on, until the side effects of patients perform eye surgery.

In cases of more severe dry eyes, sometimes the doctor will also prescribe a prescription of cyclosporine eye pain medication, or corticosteroids to stop inflammation that causes dry eyes.

3. Antihistamines
Eye pain can also be a sign of an allergic reaction. In addition to itching, eye pain caused by allergies is also characterized by the condition of swollen eyes.

The way to treat this one's eye pain is to provide a swollen eye pain medication that contains antihistamines. Antihistamines do function to relieve allergic reactions in the whole body, including when allergic reactions occur in the eye area.

However, it is good to consult a physician to ensure that the itching and swelling you experience is caused by allergies, rather than other eye diseases. This is for effective use of eye pain medication.

4. Antibiotics
The eye is also not separated from the disease caused by infection. This causes the eye to experience a number of symptoms, such as watery or conjunctivitis (due to the outer layer of the conjunctival).

Given that this one's eye pain is caused by an infection, the eye pain medication used generally contains antibiotics. Actually, this can be solved by ' artificial tears ', but the effect is only temporary. As for the case of conjunctivitis that has come with the appearance of sticky fluid, the administration of antiobiotic should be done, of course, according to Doctor's direction.

5. Acetazolamide
Acetazolamide is an eye pain medication used for the treatment of glaucoma, an eye disease due to damage to the optic nerve that is the connection between the eyes and brain.This disease should be wary because it can result in blindness. Umummya glaucoma is characterized by symptoms such as eye redness, reduced vision, headache, and nausea.

The use of acetazolamide or diuretic medication is intended to minimize the pressure inside the eyeball. However, the process of healing the disease should also be accompanied by eye surgery, with the aim to open the fluid absorption channels inside the blocked eye balls.

6. Betel Leaf
In addition to chemical medicines, the way to treat sore eyes can also be done by utilizing natural ingredients.  One of them is betel leaf.

Yes, the benefits of betel leaf to treat sore eyes have long been known by many people. You can boil 3 (three) betel leaf leaves with boiling water, then wipe the betel leaf boiled water in your eyes.

7. The Rose
Behind its beauty, the rose also has health benefits, including it can be used as red eye pain medication or swollen eyes.

Just like the betel leaf, all you need to do is insert the rose into a container filled with warm water, then use the water to treat the sick eye. Treat this eye regularly until the results are felt.

8. Honey
Especially for the eye of the striped (conjunctivitis), a natural eye pain remedy that you can use is honey.

Clean your eyes with the cotton that has been moistened with warm water, then apply honey to the eye area where there are belek. Do this routine 2 – 3 times a day until Belek disappears.

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How to Prevent Sore Eye

Eye pain can be contagious. Therefore, there needs to be a precautionary step to prevent you from experiencing it. The way to prevent eye pain includes :
  • Diligent hand washing
  • Reduce direct touch between hands and face
  • Avoid direct contact with eye pain sufferers
  • Avoid dirty, windy, or anything else that could potentially cause eye pain
  • Avoid food or objects that can trigger allergies (allergens)
  • Use eyeglasses instead of contact lenses

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