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8 Ways to Overcome The Most Easy and Powerful wet Underarms!

In addition to the body odor problems, the problem of wet armpits also often we meet. Of course both cannot be crossed as it can interfere with your appearance. It is not difficult in fact overcoming wet armpits.

Check out these 8 ways to overcome the most potent wet underarms below!

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How to cope with wet underarms
Wet underarms are generally caused by excessive sweating production. Generally the use of deodorant is done to prevent the underarm wet, but for some people this way is not always helpful. Don't worry and no need to panic, here are 8 ways to overcome the wet armpits you can try!

1. Use a Deodorant With an Antiperspirants Content
How to overcome the first wet armpit is by using deodorant that has antiperspirant content.

Many people think of deodorants and antiperspirants alike, when they have different functions. Deodorants only work to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause a sweat odor, but cannot prevent the production of sweat itself.

It is what makes deodorant only able to prevent body odor, but does not prevent wet armpits. While antiperspirants work prevents the production of excessive sweating. Therefore, the use of deodorant products with antiperspirants content would be better to prevent wet armpit and smell.

2. Use an Antiperspirants and Dressed When The Body is Dry
Before starting an activity, you are certainly a regular bath in the morning. After bathing, you will use an antiperspirants and then dress. The use of antiperspirants and dressing is wrong can lead to excessive sweating production in the armpit.

One way of removing the wet armpit is to make sure your body is completely dry before using an antiperspirants and then dressed. Using an antiperspirants on a damp or dirty armpit will make it not working properly.

3. Choose The Right Outfit
In addition to dressing time, the type of clothing you wear also certainly affects sweat production in the armpit.

Clothing that is too tight, especially in the armpit part, can trigger excessive sweating production. The way that the underarm is not wet is to use loose clothing and with soft materials so that the skin can breathe freely and not to produce excessive sweating.

Also note that clothing that is too underarm in the armpit potential to cause irritation that then triggers the black underarm. So, as much as possible, choose a comfortable outfit for your armpit.

4. Avoid Foods That Trigger Sweat Production
It turns out that food can also be one of the underarm of wet and smelling.

Therefore, one way to overcome the wet armpit is to avoid foods that can trigger the excessive sweating production. The types of foods that can cause excessive sweating production are like high-fat foods, high-sodium foods, and low-fiber foods.

More specifically, some food and beverage types should be avoided so that the underarm is not wet, such as processed foods, alcoholic beverages, garlic and onions, caffeine, ice cream, hot food, and spicy foods.

5. Consumption of Food That Lowers Sweat Production
In addition to foods that trigger sweat production, there are also types of foods that can be believed to decrease sweat production.

Consumption of this type of food can be one of the options to remove wet armpits. The choice of food that does not make the digestive system work too heavy and the food that can soothe the nervous system is the right choice.

The types of foods and beverages that you can consume to lower the sweat production are like bananas, high calcium foods, almonds, mineral water, green tea, sweet potatoes, as well as fruits and vegetables with high water content.

6. Shaving The Underarm Fur Routinely
The existence of too dense underarm fur can also cause excessive sweating production.

In addition to triggering the sweat production, the presence of this armpit feather also makes the antiperspirants you use can not work optimally. How to overcome the wet armpit is by shaving the armpits feathers regularly.

Note also how to shave the right armpit so that the underarms avoid irritation. Just like tight clothing, irritation due to shaving the underarms can also cause a black underarm. Both the wet armpit, smelling, and black armpit are problems that you certainly want to avoid.

7. Make Sure The Body is Well Hydrated
The way that other wet armpits is to ensure the body is properly hydrated.

When the body is well hydrated, the body will be able to keep its temperature and prevent the body from overheating. If the body temperature is left up and becomes hot, it will trigger the sweat glands to produce more sweat.

As already mentioned earlier that white water and food with high moisture content are included in foods that can help lower the production of sweat. This is because enough water consumption is a way to keep the body hydrated.

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8. Don't Panic
The wet armpit problem may make you stress and panic, but this condition should be avoided.

When you feel stressed, panicked, or nervous, the body will instead produce sweat more. If you find a condition like this, try to calm yourself down. Try to learn the relaxation techniques and stress management to help you win yourself in the situation.

That's a variety of ways to overcome wet armpits that you can try. Some of the above ways are also potent to avoid you from the problem of armpits and black underarms.

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