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8 Causes Of Skinny Children (Not Always Disease)

One of the parents ' concerns toward his son is that the child is not growing and developing as it should. In this context, the child has a posture and weight that is less than the ideal word alias skinny.

Is your child including one of them? So, what causes skinny children? How can a skinny child have an ideal body?

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Causes of skinny children, censorship?

Causes of skinny children there are various kinds. Interestingly, a lean body does not necessarily indicate that the child is unhealthy. Before you get confused and worried, find out what are the factors that cause the following skinny child.

1. Lack Of Nutrition
The most common causes of skinny children are insufficient nutritional intake or also called malnourishment. At birth, the child may have a normal weight. However, the lack of nutrients gained during the period of growth eventually led to the condition that the malanutrience was overtaken.

As a result, the child's body will look thin and the growth process is not proper for children in general. In addition to skinny, children are also more susceptible to disease attacks.

Further examination by nutritionist should be done for medical treatment to cause this one's skinny child to be overcome.

2. Wrong Food Consumption
Do you more often allow a child to consume less nutritional foods such as junk food or foods containing high sugar content? If yes, then do not blame if then the child experienced malanutritions characterized by a thin body and difficult to grease.

Lack of nutritional content in such foods is indeed the cause of skinny children when many eat that can not be denied. Therefore, you parents do not constantly to obey the willingness of children to consume less nutritional food.

Not that not prohibited, but limited while balanced with the consumption of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruit.

3. Indigestion
Disruption of the digestive system is also the cause of other skinny children that often occur. As a result of its not optimal functioning of the digestive system in children, automatic nutrients and vitamins that are needed for the growth of children can not be properly blurred.

This is also one of the reasons why children eat but are thin. Immediately bring your child to the doctor to treat digestive disorders that he experienced so that in the future the process of growth and development of the body is no longer hindered.

4. Disease
The presence of certain diseases suffered by your child is also a little much the cause of the skinny child, too, is lost appetite so it is difficult for his body to thrive. Some examples of diseases that trigger lean body in children are :

  • Tuberculosis
  • Urinary tract Infections
  • Oral Motor nerve disorders

In the slightest condition of oral motor nerves, this is due to the fact that the child is difficult to chew and ingest the food he eats, so that the frequency of eating is hampered, which indirectly affects the lack of nutrients and nutritional intake Into the body. Finally, the child becomes thin.

The skinny caused by the disease can be detected by noticing a number of other physical symptoms in the child, such as a pale-looking face, a lethargic body, frequent fever, and low appetite.

5. Unhealthy Environment
Don't get me wrong, environmental factors also cause skinny children but many eat, you know. The reason, an unhealthy or hygienic environment — which is where there are many viruses and bacteria — will cause your fruit to risk being infected.

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As a result, the child will suffer from diseases that one of its effects is to make their weight decrease and the body becomes thin. Therefore, make sure to always maintain the cleanliness of the house or environment to minimize the coming cause of the skinny child of this one.

6. Physical Activity Is Not Balanced With Nutritional Intake
When performing physical activity, the body will remove calories and energy, which if the second intake is not met properly, then what happens is, the body does not have the remaining nutrients to be converted into fat to add to the body mass index ( Body mass index). As a result, the body will look thin.

If your child is a child who is active and likes to do various physical activities such as exercise and so on, make sure if he also get adequate nutritional intake, yes.

7. Stress Relief
The stress your child is experiencing — whether that's due to school lessons, or maybe a problem at home — it's a bit of a lot to affect his or her health, including the cause of skinny children.

Due to stress, children tend to be appetite and susceptible to illness. If left unchecked, the weight of the child will be decreased and becomes look thinner or languythin.

8. Heredity (Genetic)
Do you and your spouse have a posture that can also be said thin? If yes, then this may be the cause of skinny children when eating a lot.

As already mentioned above, the lean-bodied child does not necessarily signify that he is unhealthy. If during this time, the appetite is normal.  The issue of heredity (genetic) is in fact an important role in causing children to eat but thin.

For this case, there's nothing you'll need to worry about over. Just make sure your child still gets adequate nutritional intake every day.

How to distinguish a healthy skinny child with unhealthy?
To determine if your child's lean body is associated with a malnourishment disease or not, then check with a nutritionist Doctor is the solution. Later, the doctor will do a series of physical examinations before diagnosing whether there is any wrong with the child or not.

In addition, you can also identify it by measuring the ideal percentage of weight (BB) Comparisons with your child's height.

The formula to calculate the ideal weight ratio is :

BB Children: BB ideal x 100%

The child will be said to have the ideal weight if the percentage is in the range 90 – 110%. Below that, it can be almost ensured that your child's body will indicate that it has malanutrience or certain diseases.

Then, what size of weight (BB) is ideal for children aged 1 – 5 years?

1. Ideal Weight Loss Boys Age 1 – 5 years
  • Age 1 Year: 7.7 – 12 Kg
  • Age 2 years: 9.7 – 15.3 Kg
  • Age 3:11.3 – 18.3 Kg
  • Age 4:12.7 – 21.2 Kg
  • Age 5:13.7 – 24.2 Kg

2. Ideal Weight Loss girls age 1-5 years
  • Age 1 Year: 7 – 11.5 Kg
  • 2 years old: 9 – 14.8 Kg
  • Age 3:10.8 – 18.1 Kg
  • Age 4:12.3 – 21.5 Kg
  • Age 5:13.7 – 24.9 Kg

How to promote skinny children's weight

After knowing the causes of skinny children, then all you have to do is look for ways that your child can increase weight. A number of ways to increase the weight of skinny children that you can apply, among others :
  1. Adjusting the Diet
  2. Prioritize consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and unsaturated fats
  3. Consume fruits
  4. Avoid consuming too much fast food
  5. Enough rest

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