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10 Risks Of Pregnant Women Who Are Harmful to Mothers & Fetus!

The risk of pregnant adolescents under 20 years of age is very dangerous caused by many disorders to expectant mothers and fetuses. This disorder can happen to the body or physical and psychic.

With this substantial risk, teenagers are required to postpone their pregnancy so that their age is sufficient. As soon as 20 years old, pregnancy can be cultivated.

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Dangerous teenage pregnancy Impact!
There are various reasons why pregnant women who are not too old are very risky and eventually do labor. The next impact of teenage pregnancy should be wary of :

1. Miscarriage
Women are experiencing pubers when they enter 11 or 12 years. Organs in his body are difficult to start working properly. The ovaries produce eggs and the uterus has produced endometrial which is later turned into menstrual blood. This repeated cycle signifies the woman is grown.

Although the reproduction organ has begun to run smoothly, its kematment still goes along with the passage of time. If this maturity is not observed and pregnant women at a young age, the risk of pregnant adolescents may have a high enough miscarriage.

2. Premature Births and Congenital Defects
As previously described, the risk of pregnant adolescents can lead to premature childbirth. Infants with an age of 7 or 8 months who are not ready to be born should immediately exit the womb because women are not strong to hold it. The uterine wall is also not strong with a large baby weight.

Premature babies will also experience too low weight. This condition makes babies who are born prone to not grow completely until death. Some women who have been taking certain medications to decompose the content usually have infants with severe congenital defect conditions.

3. Vaginal Disturbances
When giving birth, the baby will come out from the uterus to the cervix until it exits through the vaginal hole. This condition causes the wound in the vagina to become too large. The perineum Area will undergo considerable injuries so that the stitches are also large and can lower the aesthetic of the vagina.

In addition to disruptions to the vulva area, the impact of adolescent pregnancy is damage in the cervical area and surrounding areas also cause great disruption. Women who are over 20 years of age may also experience torn wounds in the vagina. However, its function is maximal so that the likelihood of healing is also greater.

4. Bleeding and Anemia
The impact of adolescent pregnancy usually has severe anemia. His mother's blood with a baby and the need for large iron can cause women to experience weakness too large. In fact, some cases may cause blackouts.

In addition to anemia that causes weakness is too large. During childbirth, women will also have bleeding. The contraction of the uterus that has not been perfect is prone to acute bleeding and leads to the death of the mother who undertook childbirth.

5. Depression
Teenagers who succeed in childbirth will not only experience defects or injuries to the vagina. The risk of pregnant adolescents will also have a moderately acute depression. This depression appeared post-childbirth in the form of baby blues or other disorders.

Physically, teenagers may be able to give birth well. However, mentally not all teenagers are ready to become mothers. Pregnant that arises from premarital sex can also be the cause of this depression.

6. High Blood Pressure
Having high blood pressure during pregnancy can be very harmful to the mother and fetus. When you experience high blood pressure during pregnancy, it is also known as gestational hypertension.

The type of impact of adolescent pregnancy on mothers and fetuses will depend on the severity of the condition and can range from mild to severe. This condition can damage a pregnant teen's kidneys as well as other important organs.

This condition also leads to premature birth and low birth weight in infants. In the most serious cases, high blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia – causing life-threatening conditions for the mother and fetus.

7. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (PMS)
When teenagers experience many volatile hormones, they are also at an age where they experiment with sexuality.

If adolescents have sex after pregnancy, he may be at high risk of getting some other sexually transmitted diseases (PMS). PMS can be very harmful to the health of pregnant adolescents and for the health of the fetus.

8. Poor Nutrition
Because teenagers are still in developmental stages, their body will need a lot of nutrients to thrive. If the teenager is pregnant, he will need more nutritious food he should need for his growth and development, because the babies in the womb will depend on the nutritional intake of mothers.

While some teenagers may control heavy weight (diet) required in order to be able to wear adequate clothing during pregnancy, it is dangerous for the nutritional needs of mothers and fetuses.

Many teenagers are also very conscious about their weight and often experience eating disorders. If eating disorders, it is risky to experience anorexia or bulimia, it can be very harmful to maternal and fetal health.

9. Incorrect Pregnancy Care
In most cases, the cause of pregnancy in adolescents may not be aware of the best way to use protection when having sex. Consequently, she may not always be sure whether she is pregnant or not, especially since she may still be confused with signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

Prenatal care is essential to the health of the mother and her baby, but if the teenager does not realize it, it is likely that she will miss the important tests, medicines and vaccinations in her mother and fetus. And the impact of adolescent pregnancy can cause health problems in prospective mothers and fetuses.

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10. Low Birth Weight
The risk of pregnant adolescents tends to give birth to babies with low birth weight – infants weighing less than 5.5 kg. An April 2007 study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, found that mothers who are 10 to 19 years old have a 14 percent higher probability of having babies with low birth weight compared to mothers who Between 20 and 24 years old.

Infants born with lower weight are at higher risk for a number of issues that can affect the heart, lungs, and brain of the mother and fetus.
 The disruption or risk of pregnant adolescents is high enough, it is good to prevent the cause of pregnancy in teenagers, early marriage or not to do free sex.

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