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5 Ways That No Leftover Food is Tucked Away in The Tooth After Suhur

While running the fast some of us may have experienced there are remnants of food tucked in the teeth then worried if this could undo the worship.

Well related to this when the Suhur in fact we are encouraged to be able to clean the oral cavity so that there is no food remnants. In addition to brushing teeth, there are several other ways that can be done to maintain the cleanliness of the oral cavity ranging from gargle, eating fruit, and wearing dental yarn.

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Here are the ways to clean the rest of the food from the mouth after Suhur :

 1. Eat apples
The first step can be done to clean the food remnants in the tooth according to the doctors can consume fresh pieces such as apples. The fruit cuts that should be chewed will naturally help cleanse the rest of the food in the mouth by stimulating saliva production and encouraging dirt in the teeth.

 "Any after eating toothbrush is not possible. Eat fruit only to clean the rest of the food naturally, "said Dr. Retno

 2. White Water Mouthwash
After Suhur should not directly brush your teeth because when there is consumption of food or acid beverages the impact of the brush can instead scrape teeth. The following steps suggested is quite gargle with white water.

The doctors advised that the water of the mouthwash was discarded. But otherwise it is not even if swallowed.

3. Flossing
 Flossing is a method of cleansing between teeth by utilizing a dental yarn. Because elastic yarn cleans the oral cavity with a flossing when done precisely can give better results remove food scraps as well as the accumulation of plaque between teeth rather than just brushing the teeth.

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4. Be careful of Toothpicks
Instead of wearing dental floss, some of us may be more accustomed to utilizing toothpicks to clear gaps in the mouth. It is actually not recommended because when not done carefully can hurt or damage the oral cavity.

 According to the doctors, when food is too frequent to slip in the tooth then you should not constantly the pug with a toothpick. Because, the surface of the toothpick tends to be sharp about the gums. "Can be imagined a hard thing hit the soft surface can inflict a wound," said Dr. Ratu

5. Toothbrush and Tongue
The last way to clean the rest of the food after the Suhoor is by brushing the teeth using a good bristle brush. It is strongly recommended to replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months if the feathers on the toothbrush are damaged. Do not forget to also clean the tongue area using a patterned surface that is behind the toothbrush. This can help prevent the smell of breath during fasting.

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