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13 Benefits of Red Guava For Health

Guava is a kind of tropical fruit that is also widely found in Indonesia. Guava consists of several types, one of which is the most interest is guava red. It turns out that guava is not only delicious and cheap, but also save a lot of health benefits, you know!

Content of Pink Guava
Cashew (Psidium Guajava) is the most common type of guava or cashseed. Psidium guajava itself of some varieties, the most commonly found in Indonesia is red guava and guava red seed. The benefits of guava red are believed to be more when compared with guava red.

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The pink fruit contains a variety of minerals and vitamins that the body needs. Some of its content is quite high is vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, potassium, manganese. Magnesium, and copper. The vitamin C content in the guava is even higher than that of oranges. Guava Red is also a high fruit fiber.

Benefits of Pink Guava
See from a variety of content that is in the red guava. It is no wonder that the pink fruit is a fruit that gives many health benefits. Here are 13 benefits of guava seeds that shouldn't be missed!

1. Maintaining the Digestive System
The first benefit of guava red is to maintain the digestive system. This one's guava does have a fairly high fiber content. Fiber content in one of these guava can meet approximately 12% daily fiber needs.

Guava and guava leaves have also been long utilized as a remedy to address digestive problems. Antimicrobial effects that exist in guava are able to cope with disorders such as diarrhea. The risk of various digestive tract infections may also decrease with the consumption of guava routinely.

2. Lowering Cholesterol and Blood Pressure
The second benefit of guava is that it can lower cholesterol and blood. It is what makes guava a good fruit for heart health. As we know that high cholesterol and also high blood pressure is a trigger of cardiovascular disease.

Fiber content in guava, good for fat metabolism, so that it can lower LDL cholesterol and prevent the occurrence of pementukan plaque in blood vessels. In addition, the high content of potassium in the guava can also help to control blood pressure.

3. Overcoming Symptoms of Diabetes
Other cashew benefits are able to cope with diabetes symptoms. Besides being able to lower cholesterol, high fiber foods are also beneficial to lower blood sugar levels. Fiber or dietary fiber that goes into the body will not be absorbed by the body, so it will not cause the increase in blood sugar.

Fiber is also able to provide a longer satiety effect. This type of food is needed by diabetics because diabetics are required to perform a specific diet to prevent the risk of rising blood sugar levels.

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4. Increase Platelets
Patients with bloody fever with platelets deficiency will be strongly advised to consume guava. Guava is considered as one of the fruits that can increase platelets. This benefit is not only you can get from the fruit only, but also from the guava leaves.

Guava leaves are even believed to be more effective in increasing platelet levels. If you want to get the benefits of guava for recovery of DBD, then it is best to consume guava and skin and also water decoction of its leaves.

5. Maintain Eye Health
As people age or due to a certain habit, generally, a person's eyesight will decline. Kandungain Vitamin A and vitamin C in guava makes this one fruit capable to maintain the health of the eyes so that its ability does not decline. The consumption of cashew is routinely believed to reduce eye disorders such as cataracts as well as macular degeneration.

6. Improve Body Immunity
The next benefit of guava is to improve the body immunity. Guava is an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin C is the best vitamin to maintain the immunity of the body. If there is a mild illness, without having to use the drug, the consumption of vitamin C is usually sufficient to cure and prevent further infections.

Daily vitamin C consumption is very important because vitamin C will not be stored and accumulate in the body. One red fruit per day can already meet the needs of your daily vitamin C.

7. Maintain Healthy Teeth and Mouth
Maintaining dental and oral health is a benefit of guava leaves. The most common dental and mouth problems are the result of bacterial infections. The antimicrobial effect of guava can overcome various tooth and mouth problems such as tooth pain, swollen gums, and canker sores.

8. Good for Skin Health
The next guava benefits are maintaining skin health. Antioxidant content in guava can prevent premature aging. Antimikroroba from guava extract can cope with skin problems such as acne. Don't forget also excellent vitamin C content to brighten the skin.

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In addition to the fruit, cashew leaves also have benefits for skin. Topical use of guava can help heal the wound in the skin for faster.

9. Prevents Stress
Guava contains a variety of minerals needed by the body, one of which is magnesium. The deficiency of magenesium is suspected to cause stress and depression because magnesium has a role in brain function in regulating mood. Megnesium can also help relax nerves and muscles so that it makes a person quieter.

10. Relieves Painful Menstruation
Guava also has benefits to relieve painful menstruation. A study shows that it is a potent guava extract to serve as one of the ingredients for painful menstruation. Other studies have also shown that guava Duan extract does have a spasmolitic effect or can soothe muscle tension.

11. Good Consumed by Pregnant Women
Pregnant women need foods that are high in folic acid to aid fetal development. Adequate intake of folic acid is needed in the development of the brain and spinal sum of the fetus. Guava can be one of the good fruit to be consumed by pregnant women because guava also has folic acid content

12. Improves Brainpower
The cognitive deterioration of the brain will generally continue to decline as people age, especially if we cannot maintain the nutritional asuran for the brain. Guava has the content of a number of B complex vitamins, including vitamin B6 and vitamin B3. Both of these vitamins are essential vitamins to maintain the cognitive abilities of the brain.

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13. Source of Antioxidants
The latter benefits the guava of course as a source of antioxidants that can ward off free radicals. The existence of free radicals in the body will trigger various cell damage and can trigger the emergence of various harmful diseases, including tumors and cancer. Therefore, the consumption of antioxidant-rich foods is very important to maintain the whole cell.

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