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11 Benefits of Honey During Fasting

When fasting consume honey becomes an option to maintain health. This is because honey has the benefit of making your body always healthy. What is it?

Honey is a natural drink that is believed to be healthy. There are many nutrients in it that are beneficial to the body.

During fasting, you must keep your nutrition intake so that your body fit all the time. Eating honey can provide benefits to the body to run fasting by staying healthy. What are the benefits of consuming honey during fasting? This he explained.

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1. Moisturize the Face
Many beauty products use honey as a main ingredient because it can moisturize the face. In this month of Ramadan you can use honey to overcome the dry face while fasting. Use a honey mask to make your face more humid. In addition, honey can also help overcome acne because of its antiseptic and anti-bacterial content.

2. Moisturize the lips
In addition to moisturize the face, honey can also moisturize the lips. You can use honey to give moisture and prevent your lips from breaking.

3. Maintaining the digestive system
Honey you can use to maintain the digestive system. You can use a solution of honey mixed with warm water when open to help facilitate the absorption of nutrients in food. By consuming it can make the digestive system and metabolism will become smoother.

4. Lowering blood sugar
Do you know black honey? Black honey is very well consumed to prevent diabetes. The content of black honey is believed to lower sugar levels in the blood. Black Honey is known to have fewer sugar content than ordinary honey. You can use black honey as a substitute for sweetener.

5. Provide additional energy
The next honey benefits can provide additional energy. Honey has natural sugar content such as sucrose, maltose, glucose, and fructose. This natural sugar will provide additional energy that lasts a long day.
When Suhur, consume honey directly or mixed with water first. It aims to help provide additional energy during the fasting day.

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6. Immune Boosting
Eating honey can help keep your immune. Honey contains substances that can reduce allergic symptoms, as well as prevent flu and cough. Eating honey in the month of fasting can keep the body healthy. You can consume 1 to 2 natural honey during Sahur.

7. Protecting the stomach
Usually, gastric acid will increase quite a lot while fasting. With the increasing gastric acid, you will often experience the agonizing ulcer during fasting.

To prevent the rise of stomach acid, you can consume honey. Drinking 1 tablespoon of honey will be able to help keep the stomach comfortable throughout the afternoon, as well as preventing the ulcer from appearing.

8. Lowering triglyceride levels
Breaking the fast often makes us difficult to control food. All kinds of fatty foods such as coconut milk and fried into a favorite menu for Iftar. By consuming it can make triglyceride buildup that is harmful to health.

Triglycerides are one of the types of fats that are found in the blood. Triglycerides are produced from foods such as meats, cheeses, milk, rice, cooking oil, and butter. When triglycerides exceed the required amount of the body, it will make an increase in triglyceride levels in the blood. These triglycerides can trigger thickening of the walls of the blood vessels that can be at risk of heart attack and stroke.

To keep the disturbance, you can consume honey during Suhur. Honey is believed to help lower triglyceride levels and make the body healthier.

9. Make a deep sleep
Taking honey can improve the relaxation hormones that make a good mood and make you sleep more well. Eating honey before bed can make a better sleep. Your sleep will be more quality though short during fasting.

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10. Detoxifying the Body
Honey is an antioxidant that can kill toxins in the body. You can eat it regularly with warm water mixed with a little lemon juice.

11. Refrain from hungry
The benefits of the last honey can withstand hunger when fasting. Eating one tablespoon honey is equivalent to 17 grams of carbohydrates. The content will be processed into calories that will give a sense of satiety.

With the many benefits of honey, it is time you try to eat honey for a month fasting. Not only during fasting, you also have to routinely consume honey every day to keep your body healthy. Let's start to consume honey!

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