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5 Things to Look For to Treat Diabetes

In fact, diabetes is included in a disease that is not curable. Only, the sufferer can still get a healthy life if you want to control this health problem. So, what do they have to pay attention to in order to control diabetes?

Complications of diabetes are known to be dangerous and deadly!!!

Some of the types of complications that can affect people with this disease are heart disorders, peripheral artery disease, stroke attack, diabetic retinopathy that can make decreased vision, kidney failure, and nerve damage. In fact, if until diabetics are injured, the risk for infection that eventually leads to amputation also increases sharply.

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For this reason diabetics are usually asked to regularly visit the doctor to check their health condition and apply the right lifestyle. It is considered to be able to help control diabetes while preventing complications.

Some things to be aware of for treating diabetes
The Society of endocrinology suggests diabetics to pay attention to many things if they want to control their health condition.
Here are the things they should be aware of.

1. Have a Better Knowledge of Diabetes
Although it looks trivial, having a better knowledge of the absolute diabetes should be noticed by diabetics. Without the knowledge of the disease, they will certainly have difficulty controlling their health condition, right?

Some of the types of knowledge they have to master are the earliest symptoms of diabetes complications, tips on preventing diabetes complications, how to monitor blood sugar levels, how to take medicines, how to care for the feet, to know the diet To treat wounds so that they are not easily exposed to infections.

Aside from the information circulating in various media, diabetics can get information about it at the doctor.

2. Controlling The Diet
One of the primary keys to controlling diabetes is to apply a healthy diet. For information, if they eat like consuming food with a high calorie content, often consume foods and drinks high in sugar, to the lack of various nutrients, feared will cause a surge in levels of Blood sugar that can cause complications.

Usually, diabetics will be asked to lower carbohydrate intake, increase protein intake and fiber, and reduce intake of fatty foods. If necessary, they should also take medication or get insulin injections in order to control blood sugar levels.

3. Exercise
Diabetics are required to exercise regularly. It is considered to be able to help maintain weight, increase insulin sensitivity, as well as keep the immune system in a prime condition. Just be sure to be careful when doing sports because if you have an accident, it may be a potentially dangerous wound.

Diabetics are advised to do sports such as walking, swimming, or using safe static bicycles. Do this exercise for about 30 minutes a day with a frequency of at least 3 times each week.

4. Diabetic Medicines
Diabetic medications should not be acquired arbitrarily. They should consult the doctor to get the right medication with their health condition in order to control blood sugar levels.

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5. Routine Control to The Doctor
In the early after being diagnosed, diabetics were asked to perform controls once every 1 or 3 months. Afterwards, if blood sugar levels can be controlled better, the control can be done every 4 or 6 months. Only if there are complications, the control can be done more often.

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