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5 Easy Ways to Lower Cancer Risk

Health experts refer to genetic factors as one of the main causes of deadly cancer, but that does not mean we can not prevent the coming of cancer.

As long as you want to apply a healthy lifestyle and avoid some things that could potentially trigger the coming of this health problem, we can reduce the risk of developing cancer effectively.

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Some ways that can be done to lower cancer
There are a few ways we can do to lower the risk of cancer and get a healthy life.

Here are a few ways you can do to prevent them.

1. Keep Your Body Weight Ideal
If we have a relatively ideal weight, be sure to keep it well by applying healthy diet and diligent exercise. Only, if we have excess weight, try to change the diet for the better or apply a specific exercise program for weight loss.

Health specialists say weight has a big influence on cancer risk. For example, obesity is associated with 14 percent of deaths caused by cancer. For this reason we are no longer considering fat as something healthy.

If we are preoccupied with daily activities so it is difficult to exercise regularly, we can apply a more active lifestyle, such as by walking more often or using bicycles to certain places, more often wear A ladder, or at least more routine doing housework.

2. No More Smoking
One of the main causes of cancer in Indonesia is quite high is the tendency to smoke that is still very large. In fact, cigarettes are responsible for about 30 percent of the total cases of death triggered by cancer!

Health experts advise us to quit smoking. In fact, if necessary, we can completely avoid cigarette smoke and not become passive smokers in order to prevent the coming of this health. Although it is only a passive smoker, it can significantly increase the risk of developing lung cancer and other types of cancers.

3. Careful in Choosing The Food
Do not be wrong, what we consume can affect the risk of developing cancer significantly, lho. For example, if we are a hobby of consuming food burned to slightly burnt, consuming canned food, or foods that have a less healthy chemical content, then the risk for cancer can increase.

Health experts advise us to reproduce foods such as tomatoes, watermelon, vegetables, fruits, wheat, and nuts with high content of lycopene, fiber, and antioxidants that can prevent cancer.

We are also advised to routinely consume low-fat milk, fish meat, yogurt, and other healthy protein sources that are better for health.

4. Avoid Alcohol
Alcohol is closely related to the risk of cancer. Based on a study conducted in 2016 ago, the fact that the alcohol could increase the risk of oral cancer and esophageal cancer. For this reason we must really avoid it.

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5. Controlling Stress
Although it looks trivial, stress has a close connection to the risk of cancer. Indeed, this connection does not directly lead to the coming of the disease, but we must be aware of it.

Many people stress that end up applying a bad diet, a hobby of smoking, or consuming alcoholic beverages. In fact, these habits can increase the risk of cancer, right?

Be sure to maintain mental well-being by socializing often, taking care to enjoy life, doing recreation to places with beautiful natural landscapes, or doing anything else to control stress.

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