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8 Benefits of Eating Hands (No. 5 Rarely Realized)

For the people of Indonesia, eating without using the help of a spoon or fork in some conditions is something common. Even in some traditions, eating hands has a connection to ritual activity. Here are the benefits of eating hands on health.
The benefits of eating hands for health
Before explaining the benefits of eating hands, you need to know that eating activities involve all the senses that make eating into something fun, especially eating without the help of a spoon and fork.

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Eating by hand can increase the sensitivity of the roar between the food with body, mind and soul, to the enjoyment of the food itself.

Here are some of the benefits of hand-made dining that are useful for your health, including :

1. Preventing Diabetes
A revealing study, people with type 2 diabetes tend to be quick eaters who use cutlery. Eating with the help of spoon and fork correlates makes eating faster – a habit associated with an imbalance of blood sugar in the body. Conditions increase the risk to the development of type 2 diabetes.

2. Make Eating Slower
Eating with hands makes you eat slower, so the food digestion process can work better. This is because you become more aware of the process of digesting eating and stimulating all the senses that exist in the body.

In addition, the benefits of eating disposable will make the digestive system work well, because when the hand touches the food, the nerves at the fingertips are aroused and send signals to the brain that instructs the body to release digestive fluid. This allows food to taste better when eating by hand.

3. Improve Blood Circulation
The benefits of feeding the next hand are the ability to improve blood circulation in the body. As with sports, right or left-handed eating benefits are a kind of muscle exercise.

4. Improve Satiety
A study reveals, eating by hand can improve the feeling of satiety than eating using a spoon or fork. In addition, the study also reveals, when you eat hands while reading newspapers or watching TV, you are less likely to be hungry and prefer to eat snacks.

5. Awakening Emotions and Passions
Another hand-fed benefit is increasing arousal and emotion. It is related because the eating of hand-wearing has a link to the Mudra (hand position) which is the basis for yoga and meditation. According to a tradition, the fingers of the hand represent five elements: fire, air, water, heaven, and earth.

These five elements are believed to affect food by clearing them from negative vibrations. Therefore, the benefits of eating hands are a sensory experience that can evoke emotions and passions.

In addition, the nerve endings at the fingertips can also stimulate digestion. Feel your food being a way of signaling on the stomach that you will eat. That way, you become more aware of the texture, aroma and flavor.

Ultimately, the benefits of eating hands can help you to build rapport with what you eat with full awareness.

6. More Hygienic
Although this is much contrary to what is believed by the public in general, the benefits of eating hands are more hygienic than eating using food equipment.

Hand-wearing meals are much more hygienic than cutlery because food utensils are only washed once, while you can wash your hands several times a day.

When you eat by hand, the good bacteria that are in hand are preserved and the body gets protection from harmful bacteria. Of course, it is important for you to wash your hands before and after meals to ensure that the hands remain clean and hygienic.

In the end, a person who used to eat hands will always wash their hands before enjoying the food. This habit will directly maintain the hygiene of the hand over the food equipment you will use, especially if you do not know how the food equipment is washed.

7. Maintaining The Health of The Digestive System
Once you realize that the benefits of eating hands are more hygienic than using a spoon or fork, another important thing that should also be realized is that the normal flora found in the hands is not harmful to health.

The body has certain types of bacteria that protect you from harmful bacteria in the environment. These good bacteria are in places like hands, mouths, throat, intestines, intestines, and the entire digestive system.

In fact, the bacteria precisely protects the body from the many microbes in the environment. When you eat hands, the flora in the fingers will be swallowed. This is a beneficial condition for improving healthy digestion in the intestines.

As mentioned above, the benefits of disposable eating can release digestive enzymes and trigger millions of nerve endings in your fingers to convey the message that you will eat and food temperature, food texture, so you can prepare your stomach to do Digestive processes.

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8. Become a Temperature Sensor
If you eat using the help of a spoon or fork, then in the unconscious you will immediately enter food into the mouth without feeling the temperature or texture.

Therefore, the benefits of eating hands are preventing the burning of the mouth or tongue. When you eat by hand, the nerve endings of the fingers will feel the temperature of the food first, thereby preventing the burning of the mouth cavity.

The condition also triggers the release of digestive enzymes and the right substances to help you taste the food better.

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