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4 Tasty Foods That Workers Often Eat But Can Trigger Disease

Labor Day commemorated every 1 May is not only about the struggle of the workers to get a salary or a more decent life. In this day, we should also start paying attention to the health of the workers.

Not only by providing insurance or healthcare services, we should also pay attention to the foods consumed by the workers. Although it looks trivial, food can have a big influence on health, right?

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Foods that are often eaten by workers but can cause illness.
Due to the busy factors, many workers choose to eat food in vain. They are usually patting that as long as it can make full, then this food is safe for consumption. In fact, these foods may lead to the coming of illness.

Here are some foods that should be avoided in order to prevent illness from coming.

1. Fried Foods
Fried foods are not only used as a snack when working, so many workers accidentally stop by buying fried to eat after returning to work or buy it in the morning as breakfast. It tastes good, it is cheap, and can be filling the stomach. The problem is, it's been a common secret if the frying is included in foods that are least good for health.

High-frying the trans fat and cholesterol content can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. As such, high saturated fat content can also trigger liver damage. If consumed daily, the workers are feared to be more prone to premature death.

2. High MSG Snacks
High quality MSG such as chips are very delicious to be consumed in between working time. Only, health experts call this snack a high sodium content that can increase blood pressure. In addition, high MSG snacks are usually also rich in unhealthy chemicals that can harm the liver or even increase the risk of developing cancer.

Not only made by yourself at home, instant noodles are also often booked in stalls. A good taste of instant noodles can get us hooked and often – often consuming it. The problem is that instant noodles can lead to the coming of various dangerous diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke. Various diseases can cause premature death.

3. Instant Coffee
In fact, coffee is included in high-drink health benefits. There are only a lot of people who choose to consume instant coffee because it is practical, delicious, and cheap. The problem is this instant coffee is usually high in sugar content that could lead to weight gain or risk of diabetes.

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In addition, if we consume coffee with excessive, it is feared to make daily caffeine intake excessive. The impact of this is not to mess. We can experience heart palpitations, insomnia, tremping, and other symptoms.

4. Soft Drinks
Soft drinks and energy drinks are often consumed by workers in order to increase freshness and energy in order to support productivity. The problem is that these drinks are usually high in sugar content, i.e. reaching 30 grams. Often consuming it can lead to increased risk of obesity and diabetes up to 26 percent!

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