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10 Benefits of Reflexology Massage For Physical and Mental Health

What is your usual thing to do when you relax? Some people may have a hobby of doing reflexology when wanting to unwind. Reflexology can not only help you relax, but it is also believed to help cure various diseases. What are the benefits of reflexology?

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a massage that involves pressure on the legs, hands, and ears. Some points in the body part are believed to be connected with various organs in the body, so that the massage at that point can give positive effect to certain body organs.

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Foot reflexology is included in one of the ancient Chinese massage art. Until now there have been many researchers who assess the way reflexology works and formed some theories. But it has not been found a definite theory describing how reflexology works.

Although it is not yet known clearly how this massage works, but researchers have agreed that hand reflexology massage and foot reflexology have an effective way to prevent and cure some conditions.

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

As mentioned earlier, reflexology is done by pressing certain points that are believed to be connected with certain body organs. Although the massage is only done on the legs, hands, or parts of the ears, the effect can also be felt by other body parts.

Here are the various benefits of massage reflexology that you can feel:

1. Overcoming Pain
The first benefit of reflexology massage is to cope with various types of pain.

The pain in question includes back pain, migraine, headache, neck pain, and other pain. Reflexology is believed to help reduce muscle tension that may be a trigger for such pain.

2. Reduce Stress
Reflexology can help reduce stress by triggering the body to release more serotonin.

Massage at certain points can trigger glands in the brain that regulate the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin. Once the serotonin known as the hormone part is released, a sense of stress and anxiety can be diminished.

3. Improve Nerve Function
The next reflection massage benefits are able to help improve nerve function.

Reflexology is believed to stimulate more than 7,000 tips of different nerve points. It is believed to help stimulate the nerves whose sensitivity is diminished due to age factor. Foot Reflexology is believed to improve nerve function so that the function of the lower extremities also increases.

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4. Blood Circulation
Reflexology can also help to improve blood circulation in the body.

Blood carries oxygen transported throughout the body. This oxygen intake is required by every organ of the body to be able to perform its function properly. Therefore, smooth blood circulation is very important to maintain the functions of various organs.

In addition to maintaining organ function, the benefits of this one reflexology massage also help maintain the body's metabolism and also cell regeneration.

5. Increase Fertility
Reflexology can not directly improve fertility, but still be one of the ways that are much tried to increase the chances of pregnancy.

Women who do reflexology massage are considered healthier and can have a better body condition to prepare for pregnancy. Reflexology can also be believed to affect menstrual cycles, ovulation, and hormonal balances.

6. Overcoming Sleep Disorders
Enough quality sleep determines a person's health.

If you have trouble sleeping, reflexology can be one of your ways to resolve the problem. As already mentioned before, reflexology can help you relax more and can lower your stress. It can also help you to get better quality sleep.

7. Lowering Blood Pressure
High blood pressure is a condition that can not be considered trivial because it can trigger a variety of other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease.

Some points of a trusted foot reflexology massage can help lower blood pressure. In addition to lowering blood pressure, this point can also help lower anxiety as well as improve mood.

8. Overcoming Symptoms of PMS and Menopause
Overcoming symptoms of PMS and menopause is also one of the benefits of foot reflexology massage.

Both PMS and menopause are conditions related to hormonal imbalance. Previously it was mentioned that the benefits of reflexology massage One of them is to help overcome hormonal imbalance.

9. Helps With Cancer
The benefits of reflexology can not directly help cure the cancer, but reflexology may help to overcome some side effects of cancer treatment.
Therapies such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy can cause side effects such as digestive problems, vomiting, and anxiety. Reflexology can help reduce these side effects and help the patient to sleep better.

Reflexology can also be believed to stimulate antioxidant activities to help slow the spread of cancer.

10. Good For The Health of Hands or Feet
The latest benefits of reflexology is also not less important that can improve the health of hands and feet.

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Reflexology not only gives effect to various organs in the body, but certainly also gives an effect on the body of the massaged itself. Foot Reflexology Massage can stimulate the leg muscles and relieve pain in the ankle and heel. This massage can also reduce muscle rigidity in the hands and feet.

In addition, this massage is also very potent to train leg muscles to be stronger and can avoid injuries.

Hand and foot reflexology can be done by yourself, but it will be better if you do a reflexology expert therapist. Therapists can find a more precise point so that the benefits of reflexology can also be maximal.

If you want to do reflexology yourself, then make sure you have learned the correct technique and can also find the right massage point.

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