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15 Causes For Premature Babies (No. 11 Rarely Realized)

One of the concerns often experienced by pregnant women is the risk of premature childbirth. You need to know, that premature birth itself occurs by several factors. So, what are the causes of premature babies?

What causes premature babies?
Before explaining the causes of premature babies, you should be aware that the birth is said to be premature if it occurs before the 37 week of pregnancy. The earlier the birth, the higher the risk of health.

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In addition to the time of birth, premature babies can also be defined by birth weight. Low birth weight extremes (less than 1000 grams), very low birth weight (less than 1500 grams) and low birth weight (less than 2500 grams).

The following are the causes of premature birth babies that must be known to expectant mothers, including :

1. Infection
The first cause of premature birth is infection. The infection itself becomes the most common cause of all cases of premature birth. Some experts suspect that infection can cause inflammation so that the release of the prostaglandin hormone triggers the birth process.

Another alleged mention that bacteria in the genital tract affected by the infection can make the membrane around the oar fluid weaken causing early decay.

In addition, other infections that could be the cause of premature birth babies are sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and trikomoniasis, as well as urinary tract infections that are not accompanied by symptoms. A urine examination is necessary to detect bacteria.

2. Pregnancy Complications
The next premature birth of infants is a complication during pregnancy. Some of the complications of pregnancy such as high blood pressure, preeclampsia as well as problems with the plasts such as the placenta previa and abruptio placenta may cause the baby to be born early.

3. Age When Pregnant
The age that is too young to conceive (before 20 years) and the age that is too mature to conceive (more than 35 years) can also be the cause of premature babies due to decreased function of reproductive organs.

4. Consumption of Alcohol and Drugs
The chemicals contained in alcoholic beverages, cigarettes and medicines can penetrate the placenta and cause an early birth. Therefore, never consume some of these substances.

In addition to penetrating the placenta, consumption of these harmful substances can interfere with the function of placenta veins that supply nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. The impact of low birth weight to the risk of miscarriage.

5. Genetic Factors
In some cases, the cause of premature birth babies tends to occur in pregnant women who have blood relations with women who have experienced premature. Genetic factors are considered as factors that have an important role in the condition of premature babies.

6. Uterine Cervical Disorder
Pregnant mothers who have an open mouth can encourage premature babies to occur. Generally, the doctor will do the mouth strengthening of the uterus so that the fetus is not.

7. Health Condition of Pregnant Women
If pregnant women experience high blood pressure, this can be the cause of premature birth babies. In addition, premature infants may also occur when pregnant women have diabetes, anemia, asthma, antiphospholipid syndrome, lupus, thyroid disorders, and inflammation of the colon.

8. The Distance Between Pregnancies
The period of pregnancy that is only six to nine months between the birth of one infant with the beginning of the next pregnancy is known to increase the risk of premature babies. Some experts suggest the best time between pregnancies is 18 months for you to have a healthy pregnancy.

9. Pregnancy Twins
High risk premature babies are experienced when you contain twins. The higher the twin increments then the risk of premature birth will be higher.

A study reveals, the average birth age of a twin pregnancy occurred in the slow premature birth period of 34-36 weeks of gestation age. This condition occurs from the early onset of spontaneous childbirth and iatrogenic premature birth.

10. Cervical Abnormalities
Although the cause of premature birth babies is rare, a study reveals that cervical abnormalities have links to miscarriages in the third trimester.

Risk factors for cervical incompetence are higher if you have a history of cervical surgery, miscarriage or abortion in the second trimester. In addition, the cause of the infant birth premature increases in women has a short cervix after undergoing uterine surgery.

11. Physical Stress
Increased birth of premature babies is higher in pregnant women who are experiencing stress in the workplace. The cause of premature birth babies is physical stress such as prolonged standing or heavy lifting. If you are able to regulate stress levels at work, then the risk of premature birth is not going to happen.

12. Early Childhood Rupture
Almost a third of the case of the oat was early in charge of premature babies. Within 24 hours after the unbroken pockets are smashed, the baby will generally be born.

In addition, the unbreakable early water is more risky if the uterus and the oat pockets are too strained. This is due to the number of fetuses in the content of more than one or the volume of too much of the amniotic fluid.

13. Bacterialis Vaginosis
The disruption of normal flora in the vagina can cause bacterial bacterial vaginosis. The continued impact of bacterial bacterial vaginosis is increasing premature birth especially in the gestational age less than 20 weeks.

14. Baby Tubes
A study reveals, the cause of the baby birth is higher prematurely if the fetus is the result of a tube infant program. Although the explanation regarding the study was not yet clear, further research was needed.

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15. Mental Conditions
The traumatic events that occur in pregnant women have been linked to premature birth. In order for premature babies not to occur, husbands and nearby people should provide support to pregnant women.

Besides traumatic, the cause of premature birth babies can also be caused by depression. Pregnant women who suffer from new depression or relapse depression have an increased risk of 30-40 percent of premature birth.

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