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Wondering How to Choose Lunch? These 5 Tips Are Adequate Nutritional Needs

 What do you consume most often during lunch? Generally lunch provides the greatest energy intake for the body. Therefore, the selection of healthy lunch will certainly increase the nutritional intake is good for the body.

Various experts recommend nutritious food intake at lunchtime?
Here are some healthy lunch tips to try.

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1. Choose a healthy main food type
Lunch is the biggest contributor of energy to the body, but it does not mean we can consume too many main menu for lunch yes.

Choose one menu type only with a healthy food companion, such as meat paste with vegetable or noodles with chicken accompanied by additional vegetables or sushi with vegetables. Proper portion determination can certainly meet the energy needs of the body.

2. Complete with vegetable and fruit
The big energy needs at lunchtime will certainly be healthy when equipped with vegetable and fruit consumption. Vegetable and fruit in the sharing of the offerings e.g. fruit juice or the main food menu accompaniment.

3. Vegetable and fruit intake
Not necessarily when the main meal during the day, vegetables and fruits can also be selected as a snack before or after lunch so that the intake of vegetable in the body can increase.

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4. Choose a high-protein menu
The right Protein on the main food menu will support a complete nutritional intake. Meat, fish or eggs can be selected as a high-protein food at lunch time.

5. The right drink
Aglass of vegetable or fruit juice, or vegetable milk, can be a great choice. Not only that white water can also be a healthy choice of drinks, so that you stay hydrated all day.

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