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Too Much Eating Dates, What is The Effect For The Body?

 When breaking the fast, the suggestion Sunnah by the prophet is to consume a date of at least 3 grains. Dates have a high sugar content that is considered capable of restoring energy after a day of fasting.

  Another date is the high calorie. In 100 grams of dates or about 10 grains contain about 280 calories, other than that Karbohidratnya pun high. But of course there is the effect if consumed excessively.

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"So date when he eaten can directly raise blood sugar levels. If for example is eaten excessively and still eat other foods such as kolak, ice fruit, well it will be a buildup of carbohydrates,  "said Dietsien Nutrient installation

  Triyani added, the kind of wet and dry dates are the same content. Different from the green date that the calorate is somewhat small because it tastes not sweet.  "When eating the dates too excessive, there will be a accumulation of carbohydrates that can make a lot of trigeliserin or fats in the body, " he called.
So, eat 3 grains of date is enough yes. If still pengin, can be interspersed again during dinner or when Suhur.

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