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Dates Good For Health, Maximum Eating How Many Items a Day?

 The benefits of dates for health is undoubtedly no doubt. But how many typical desert fruit should be consumed in a day? Is it with more and more dates then the benefits gained can be doubled?

 "Eat dates Ajwa in particular or general dates 7 items per day can avoid the body of all diseases. Completeness of nutrients in this fruit provides tremendous benefits to the body,  "said Ustaz Dr Zaidul.

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 According to Dr Zaidul dates should be consumed early morning. The consumption of fasting can be divided into 3 grains when suhur, open, and 1 item after fasting. With the benefits and completeness of the nutrients it contains, the tradition of eating dates should not only be done during Ramadan fasting.

 Dr Zaidul explained, one of the nutrients in the palm is the fiber that is not soluble perfectly (insoluble fiber). These fibers pass through the digestive tract in a relatively intact form and accelerate food travel in the intestines. This fibre is capable of launching defecation (BAB) as well as reducing the risk of constipation and diarrhea.

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  "Other content is a starch that does not split perfectly into the colon or resistant starch. This type of nutrient can fix problems in the intestines and digestion,  "said Dr. Zaidul.

 With regard to risk when consuming more than 7 grains, Dr Zaidul reminded not to excessive when consuming food or drink. Insufficient consumption allows the body to benefit most from eating less or excessively.

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