Love to eat Junk Food? Beware, the Evil Fats can get into the Brain

   A recent research called the eating habits of junk food could trigger depression. The cause, the saturated fat in it enters the bloodstream and is carried into the brain.

  Once it reaches the brain, the saturated fat will affect the hypothalamus. This part is an emotional control center, which can improve depressive symptoms when their work is interrupted.

Scientists from the University of Glasgow uncover this in a study. Although experiments were carried out only in rats, the findings increasingly explained the link between the depression and obesity.

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Unknown, antidepressant medications are less effective at obese idlers than in the ideal weight owner. Scientists believe, plump only the additional factors that trigger depression, with fat as the main factor.

 "This research can begin to explain the language and why obesity is associated with depression and how we can provide better handling in patients with the condition, " said Prof George Baillie who led the research, quoted From Dailymail.

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  In addition, the fast food itself has a nutrient content that is considered less good for the health of the body. A lot of research has proved that if we consume junk food is very harmful for us if we continuously consume.

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