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Tips to Stay Healthy, Fit and Productive while Fasting

   Fasting in the month of Ramadan is the 3rd Islamic pillars which is an obligation for every Muslim. When fasting, we not only benefit spiritually but also physically.

In biological terms, the body can increase its immunity, because during periods of body cells are under mild pressure so that the body can respond to its ability to cope with stress and fight disease.

But many people find it easy to get tired and weak when fasting. The majority claim to be due to the absence of intake of food obtained during the day. When the body is limed, daily activity becomes slightly disturbed.

Of course, there are many ways that you can stay healthy while fasting. Here are tips to keep healthy and productive that is shared by the Director General of Occupational Health and Sports Health Ministry, Kartini Rustandi, to detikHealth:

1. Maintain Health
Balance between food and physical activity. Fasting nutrition is important. Do not avoid carbohydrates because it's one of the sources of energy.

During fasting, the body remains active even though the intensity is reduced. Therefore, the body will need energy and power. Always keep your nutrition balanced and drink enough.

2. Keep the food
Eating excessively or less eating is certainly not good. So always set the meal portion. Vitamin consumption when needed.

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 "When opening, do not multiply. Many foods do not need to be eaten too. The vegetable and the fruit are not kemakan. To open and to the Suhoor. Because too much of the food that is discarded is redundant,  "said Kartini.

3. Keep your Fitness
Do not make fasting as an excuse not to exercise. While fasting, the body still requires physical activity. The platform is 30 minutes per day with light intensity sports like jogging or walking fast. Of course while exercising should be familiar with the condition of the body. When you're tired, don't be forced to continue sports.

4. Balanced working time, worship and rest
Fasting does not mean the work is diminishing, it can be otherwise. Therefore, we should be able to get around by working smartly. Working smartly means reducing unnecessary activities so it is more effective and efficient when working.

Working efficiently will also affect worship. Because when not due to work time, feared can not follow tarawih prayers in the mosque.

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